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The Most Complete Guide To Pre Everything Frontal Wig

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Last updated Mar 28, 2024

For those who want glue-free lace, the pre-everything frontal wig(13x4 glueless full frontal wig) is a product you can't miss. Juliahair has upgraded the 13x4 lace frontal wig to help you create a charming and comfortable hairstyle.

1.What Is Pre-Everything Frontal Wig?

Pre-everything frontal wigs refer to wigs that are pre-shaped, pre-cut ear-to-ear, pre-plucked front, and invisible knots to create a natural and seamless look. These newly designed magic ears help smooth your hair instantly, are a pre-installation protection tool, and are perfect for those who prefer zero skills and can be done in just 30 seconds.

2.The Main Features Of JuliaHair Pre-Everything Frontal Wig

1)13x4 Ear-to-Ear Full Frontal Lace

An upgrade based on the 13x4 lace frontal wig. It perfectly covers the entire forehead hairline area, divided into deep, middle, and side, with sufficient lace area for easy styling. There are extended lace parts on both sides, which can be like full lace. Wigs are also available in a variety of styles. Due to the quality and the fact that the base is handmade, the wig is light on the head, breathable, and comfortable.

JuliaHair glueless full frontal wig2

2) Hand-dye Knotless

Pre Everything Frontal Wig is a hand-bleached knot, and the knot that connects the hair to the wig cap is unnatural. To solve this problem.Pre Everything Frontal Wig undergoes a meticulous bleaching process to ensure knot-free lace and avoid over-processing. When you wear this wig, the knots are virtually invisible and look like the hair is growing directly from your head.

3)3D Dome Cap

An ill-fitting mesh cap will cause discomfort to the wearer. After market research, including measurements of more than 100 head shapes, a 3D dome cap was produced. The mesh cap is designed to conform to the unique contours of your head, ensuring a snug fit and eliminating discomfort. Whether you have a small or large head, this wig has you covered, ensuring you'll feel comfortable and confident all day long.

4)"S" Zig Zag Pre-cut Lace

JuliaHair glueless full frontal wig1

The pre-cut wave lace blends seamlessly with the faux-scalp streamlined design, ensuring a flawless finish without any visible lines or rough edges.

5) Pre-pluck Wave Hairline

After wearing the previous wigs, if you want to have a hairline, you still need to trim it yourself, or some wigs have obvious and straight hairlines, which is very unnatural. Pre everything wig solves the above problems. Has a natural hairline and the baby hair has been removed.

When you get this wig, you will find that the density at the top is much lower, and the hair lengths around the hairline are not equal, like jagged, very natural, and smooth. Baby hair blends seamlessly into your skin and is almost unnoticeable. This natural transition from wig to skin ensures that your new hair will look just like your own hair, if not better.

6)100% Glueless: Zeroglue

Traditional wigs often require adhesives like glue or tape to hold them in place, which is cumbersome and can damage your natural hair. The pre-everything frontal wig(13x4 glueless full frontal wig) uses zero-glue installation, says goodbye to adhesives, and features built-in non-slip silicone strips, straps, and a ten-tooth comb for a 3x secure fit.

You can wear it with confidence that it won't move or loosen during your daily activities. At the same time, since there is no adhesive, there is no need to deal with the problem of clogging hair follicles, which can better promote scalp health.

JuliaHair glueless full frontal wig

7) Peelable Invisible Ear Tab Tape

Invisible ear tapes provide 150% fastening force. They can quickly fix and disconnect the wig, significantly reducing the possibility of lifting or slipping. They are very suitable for people with high activity levels.

3. Pre Everything Frontal Wig Vs. Wear Go Wig Vs. Lace Frontal Wig

Pre Everything Frontal Wig

Wear And Go Wig

Lace Frontal Wig

100% Human Hair

Yes Yes Yes

Ear To Ear Lace Size

Yes No Yes

Ear Tab Tape Design

Yes No No

3D Glueless Wig

Yes Yes No

Middle Side Part

Yes No Yes


Yes No No

Pre Cut Hairline

Yes Yes No

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