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Shag Haircut VS Mullet Haircut

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Last updated May 9, 2024

For cool tailoring, you can try shags and mullets, which are returning with a rapid trend. Among them, mullet has changed from one of the most ridiculed hairstyles in the 20th century to one of the most cultured hairstyles in the 21st century.

1.What Is Shags Haircut?

Shags haircuts have many layers, usually with feathers at the top and sides. These layers make the hair plump around the crown, and the hair has bangs around the edges. There will usually be a long shag haircut.

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2.What Is A Mullet Haircut?

In this hairstyle, the mullet hair is cut short at the top of the head and the temples but left long at the back of the head. From the front, only a short hair stands upright on it, which generally does not exceed the shoulders, but there are exceptions.

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3.The Main Differences Between Of Mullet Haircut And Shags Haircut

1. Disconnect

Mullet is essentially two different hairstyles. The mullet is completely disconnected from the ear to the back, while the shags hair is connected to the back. One of the main differences between shags hair and mullet is the amount of hair left or removed around the top of the head and face.

2. Length change

The front of the mullet is always short, the back is long, and some even have obvious drooping. On the other hand, shags hair is a well-defined hairstyle, usually short, layered around the face, but still layered with the rest.

3. Central point

One of the main technical differences is that you start to move from shorter to longer places. This means how far you push back the ear horn, which is usually located between the bottom of the ear and the back of the ear. The farther you go, the more extreme your disconnection will be. The mullet is disconnected from the length, and the layer in the coarse hair is mixed with the length.

4. Cut corners

Another main difference between shags hair and mullet is that coarse hair naturally forms square layers or horns. To maintain a more conservative coarse haircut and save length, it is key to lift the hair when removing the weight from the corner. To create more mullets, the textured corners give it an avant-garde atmosphere.

4.Who Is The Ideal Person For This Look?

All hair textures can be cut into shags hair or mullet. Types can be used for straight hair, wavy hair, or curly hair, as well as long hair, short hair, thick hair, or fine hair. The best part of cutting coarse hair or mullet is that they are completely customizable. It has a low maintenance cost and truly shows the natural texture of hair.

Create a perfect shape with a small amount of mousse, air-dry it, or blow it away with a hair dryer. Because of its facial frame layer, it really highlights a woman's face.


Q: Can a round face be cut with a mullet haircut?

A: Coarse hair cutting contains enough mess and length, which can make people's faces slim. If your face is round, texturing the hair around the frame edge and sides will be the best way to create a coarse hairstyle.

Q: How long is the hair of the mullet?

A: There is no limit to the length, but if the length of the side crosses a person's shoulder, the mullet often looks desirable and ideal.

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