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Rock 2024 New Trend Hair Color-Black Cherry

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Last updated Dec 14, 2023

1.What Is Black Cherry Hair Color?

Black cherry hair is based on black (or dark brown) with warm red、magenta and purple. The color is like the grape wine in a French winery, with the most exquisite sweet red tone, adding a dramatic temperament! For those with dark undertones, simply adding a touch of red to achieve black cherry is a popular choice.

But the only trouble with a lighter base color is that you need to dye your hair black, which is not easy if you want to go back to a light color again. However, people always have to try. If you like it, try it boldly. After all, black cherry can show boldness and elegance.

2.Why Is Black Cherry Hair Color So Popular?

Why has black cherry hair color become a popular choice among modern women among many hair colors? The answer comes from the color effect it presents - deep but not boring. For urban women, black cherry hair color can meet the needs of daily work and life dressing, making themselves calm and more attractive; for those attending events or parties For people, it is very novel and unforgettable.

3.Is Black Cherry Red Or Purple?

While the classic black cherry hair color is a perfect blend of red and purple shades, it has a multi-dimensional look and there is no particular category that black cherry falls into because the shade is customizable if more is added to the hair dye. If you add more red to the hair dye, the effect will be black cherry color with a reddish effect. Therefore, whether your hair color looks more red or purple completely depends on you.

4.How To Achieve Black Cherry Hair At Home?

1) Wash your hair and dry it thoroughly.

2) Bleaching. This item needs to be done for light hair. For darker natural hair color, you can ignore this item. Before starting bleaching, please wear disposable gloves and first comb your hair with a comb. The hair should be divided into three layers so that the bleach can be applied from the roots to the ends. Observe the color of your hair. If the bleaching effect is very obvious (about 20 minutes), you can wash the bleach off your hair and prepare for the next step.

3) Color mixing. Black cherry hair color is usually achieved with a combination of black and red hair dye, and the mixing ratio and application technique will depend on your specific hair and desired effect.

4) Dying. The coloring process is the same as bleaching, you start at the roots and work your way through the rest of the strands, making sure to spread the dye evenly to enhance your natural tone. If you have dark hair, starting at the roots is a great low-maintenance look because it won't be too noticeable to the naked eye once it starts to fade. You'll be able to easily grow out your roots (while maintaining depth and dimension) without the need for multiple touch-ups. If you have light hair, be aware that the process will take more time because of the need to fill in the red and orange tones that are missing from darker hair.

5)Rinse. The dye needs to stay on your hair for about 40 minutes, then rinse with shampoo.

5.How To Care For Black Cherry Hair Color?

1) Wash and care

Once you get a new color, hair care becomes very important. The experts we spoke to recommend using color-protecting shampoo and conditioner to prevent fading, nourish strands, and cleanse your scalp. Also, limit shampooing to once or twice a week to avoid oxidizing natural oils and overall hair color. Additionally, using a hair mask once a week can help add moisture, softness and shine to your hair.

2) Reduce heat setting

When styling with hot tools, consider air-drying your hair or using a heat-protective product, which will help extend the life of your black cherry color.

3) UV protection

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause fading. To protect your black cherry hair color from more severe damage, consider wearing a hat when spending time outdoors.

Some Stunning Black Cherry Hair Color Ideas

1)Black cherry deep wine hair

Black cherry deep wine hair

If you want to add rich color to your hair, a deep dark cherry color might be just what you need. This luscious color combines deep burgundy shades with black undertones to create an impressively pigmented and timeless look that will plump up your complexion.

2)Black cherry ombre hair

Black cherry ombre hair

Dark cherry is very popular in highlights and ombre hair ideas. It's usually very dark or even black hair, marked with dark cherry highlights that look distinct and rock. You can also try color-changing hair from black to dark cherry and pink for a unique look too, get inspired by these ideas!

3)Red highlights on black cherry hair

Red highlights on black cherry hair

It is common to add some highlights to blonde hair while adding highlights to brunette hair is another style. The popular brunette with cherry red hair dye creates a dramatic power. To get this color, just make your coloring The artist adds red highlights to the black cherry color.

4)Black cherry angled bob

Black cherry angled bob

Several black cherry hairstyles are particularly unique in the bob style. To add personality to your style, you can choose an angled cut. The hair that is short at the back and long at the front not only helps to modify the face shape, but also adds volume.

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