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How To Protect Your Hair Under A Hair Wig

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Last updated Mar 22, 2023


Hair wigs are getting more and more popular as how for girls to experiment with their weave hairstyles. This is often particularly beneficial for those eager to continue with the newest hair trends without changing their own hair all the time. However, for people who do prefer to do that , it’s important to not neglect your own hair. Here are some recommendations on the way to protect yours under a human hair wig.

Make a massage on your scalp

Having a hair wig fix tightly on your head can cause the blood flow to your scalp to be reduced. Massaging your scalp can overcome this drawback, because it promotes a healthy blood flow and encourages your hair to grow. Make sure to do that whenever you're taking your hair wig off.

Take your hair wig off Before sleeping

We don’t recommend sleeping with your wig - it can inflict tension on your hair and cause breakages. Give your hair and scalp an opportunity to breathe overnight by taking your wig off. this will go a coffee way in protecting your own hair throughout wearing a wig.

 body wave hair wig

Wash your hair completely with high-quality hair shampoo 

The key to healthy hair is keeping it clean. Albeit you’re wearing a wig a day, it’s extremely important to make sure you're shampooing your hair at least once a week, but this varies counting on how hot or sweaty your scalp gets throughout the day. Sweat and merchandise can build up over the course of a couple of days, so you ought to confirm your hair is usually clean before putting a human hair wig on. This is often healthy care maintenance that shouldn’t be ditched when wearing a wig!

Trimming your hair frequently

It might be that you simply prefer to wear a wig all day long, and if you simply don’t got to trim your own hair the maximum amount as a result. However, it’s still important that you simply have a daily trim to get rid of split ends and damaged hair. Trimming your hair keeps it healthy and promotes growth. Generally, hair should be trimmed every 6 to eight weeks.

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Choose breathable wig cap

Wig caps are an excellent way of protecting your natural hair. Although optional, the cap acts as a protective barrier between wig and hair, and that they are brilliant at keeping your hair in good situation under the wig. It is a cheap but effective way for protecting your natural hair.

Avoid install a hair wig on your wet hair

Having damp natural hair under a wig isn't only extremely uncomfortable, but also can promote the expansion of nasty bacteria. The moisture mixed with body heat and additional warmth from the layer of wig can cause the expansion of mildew and germs. Avoid in the least costs!

Be careful when braiding hair

Braiding hair is often seen as a simple thanks to keep your natural hair out of the way under a wig. However, if you’re doing this on a daily basis, it can actually weaken your natural hair cuticles if too tight. this will start to wreck your hair, so try to not braid your hair all the time. And once you are braiding, confirm the braids aren’t too tight.

body wave hair wig 3

Moisture your Hair to keep nutrition and glossy

You might notice your hair feeling dry after wearing a wig. To combat this, try using hair oils, moisturizer, or treatments to revive its moisture. This may make sure that your hair maintains nice and healthy throughout wig wear.

Let your hair have a break

If you've got natural hair under a wig for an extended period of your time , it are often good to offer your natural hair an opportunity for a couple of days. This provides it a healthy dose of air and sunshine which will contribute towards keeping your hair healthy.

Weft Wigs are good optional

There are various wig construction types available, but weft wigs are ideal for those that don’t require wigs thanks to hair loss. Weft wigs made by human hair bundles double machine made weft. Very durable and breathable. This construction incorporates open wefts that allow your scalp to breathe during continued wear, which is great for helping to guard your hair under a wig!

Knowing how to protect your own hair under a human hair lace wig, you can use the wigs better with no harm. If you want to change your hairstyle in short time, A real human hair wig is your best choice.

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