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Last updated Nov 6, 2022


To create a beauty image, beauties purchase many decoration to enhance their impression. Wigs for black women are one of the necessary part in their daily life. There are many different kinds of wigs for sale in the market, today we will share PU skin base wigs which is a new arrival hair products in place of lace wigs, lace frontal wigs or 360 lace wigs.


What is PU skin base wigs

What features are PU skin base wigs

How many hairstyles you can choose in Juliahair

How to install PU wigs

How to Wash PU wigs

Tips for maintain PU wigs


What is PU skin base wigs

PU skin base wigs are upgrade fake scalp wigs which are very natural. Compare with the traditional lace wigs, wig caps don’t need any more, so the wig more breathable and comfortable.

The part of PU is similar with the skin, when you use the wig, you don’t need to bleaching or plucking. It is easy to install, super natural wigs. Wearing PU fake scalp wigs look like the hair grown your own scalp!

 pu wigs cap

What features are PU skin silk wigs

1. 100 human hair. The hair sew in weave on the cap is real human hair, no mix, no chemical, shedding normal, tangle free. You can perm or dye the hair in order to make the hairstyle you like.

2. Natural scalp after installing the hair wig. The processing for installing a PU wig is simple, the hairline is very natural likes the hair grown from your own scalp. Fake scalp creates the most natural looking. The knots are bleached, so it is very invisible and un-detective. The hair density looks like the real human hair density.

3. No wig cap needed. Install the PU wigs directly on your head, braid your hair flat. There is a diamond lace layer which is the most comfortable lace.

4. 3 combs at the front, back, right, and left which make the wig stable on your head. Don’t worry about it will be blow off or slide off.

5. The hair ends are full and thick, real hair extensions can last long, minimum shedding when you comb the hair wig.

 pu wigs 2

How many hairstyles you an choose in Julia hair

PU skin base wigs as new arrival hair wigs in Juliahair, there are 3 hairstyles option, straight wave, body wave, and curly wave. These are classic hairstyle natural color, customers can choose one weave hairstyle they like.

After you wear a period, you can perm it to other hairstyles, because all these weaves are real human hair, their hair cuticles are in the same direction, they can be permed or dyed.


How to install PU wigs

1. Braid your hair back with some cornrows as flat as you can.

2. Put the PU wig on your head, adjust the suitable position. There are 3 clips in the cap construction, there are 2 specifically for the right and left, and then one in the back.

3. Adjustable straps at back of the wig cap. In order to adjust the wig fit and comfortable for your head.

4. Clipping the middle piece at the back of your hair. Adjust the clips to make sure the position is stable, nice, and secure on your head.

5. Cut and trim. Cut the extra hair lace, and trim the hair in a style.

 pu wigs 3

How to wash the PU wigs

A: Prepare clean water in the sink, put some hair shampoo in the water, mix it, soak the curly hair wig into the shampoo water. Please make sure the wig cap out of the inside, put the hair in the same direction.

After 15 -20 minutes, massage the mixture to the hair strands with your fingers, while ensuring the hair shampoo reach the roots of all the hair fibers till the hair is clean.

B: To make the hair glossy and bouncy, hair conditioner on your hair wigs is necessary; After washing your wig, deeply condition it first. You've got to get rid of the hair shampoo with clean water. Hair conditioners are good at keeping the curls healthy and in good shape, preventing them from falling flat.

By deep conditioning, the weave hair change to soft and bouncy. Make sure all the hair strands soak into the conditioner water about 20 minutes, then you'll proceed with washing it.

C: Air-drying wigs are the best-recommended way of drying hair wigs naturally. While it costs a lot of time; and you won’t like traveling with wet hair. It is a real problem when you are traveling.

After washing, don't fall under a temptation of touching your hair because you'll be causing disturbance to the hair cuticles and separating the curls upsetting their pattern, and so, making the hair to frizz and matte.

You'll use a hair diffuser to dry your curly hair. So if you hurry, please make sure to use the diffuser in the right way. To position your head correctly, tilt it the wrong way up while guiding the sections of your hair into the top of the diffuser.

Provides it time to dry for about quarter-hour, then you'll plow ahead with positioning the opposite sections.

 pu wigs 4

Tips for maintaining PU wigs

Wash with high-quality hair shampoo in warm water.

Deep condition with hair conditioner after washing to make the hair keep nutrition.

Dry the wigs in the air can make the hair wig keep good hair cuticles.

Put it on the stand foam to keep good shape after using human hair wig.

Don’t twist the hair when you wash the hair wig, you can grasp it by your fingers.



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