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Is Spencer Hastings Wearing A Wig In Season 5 PLL

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Last updated Jun 18, 2024

"Pretty Little Liars" is a youth suspense and horror-themed TV series broadcast in 2010. It revolves around five girls looking for the truth about the disappearance of their companions. Spencer Hastings is one of the five girls. She has received great attention because of her high IQ. Still, After five seasons, some of the show's most attentive viewers began to notice something unusual about Spencer's hairstyle and started a discussion in a social media group asking about her hair, which got too heated and slowly went off the rails. This ultimately begs the question, "Did Spencer wear a wig in season 5 PLL?"

Is Spencer Hastings Wearing a Wig In Season 5 PLL?

To answer this question seriously, Spencer Hastings wore a wig in Season 5 PLL.

Spencer Hastings hairstyle in Season 5 PLL

Why Does Spencer Hastings Wear a Wig in Season 5 PLL?

Troian Bellisario (also known as Spencer) is an American girl. Like most people, her hair is naturally blonde hair, but in the play, she needs to have long dark brown wavy hair without bangs, which matches her hair color is very different, so she needs to frequently use dyes and heat styling tools to maintain the hairstyle in the play. The consequences of this are split ends, breakage, and hair fatigue. Therefore, to protect Troian's hair and save styling time, the crew prepared wigs for Troian to wear.

Spencer Hastings young

Benefits of wearing wigs

The first benefit is the endless wig styles to choose from. From blonde hair to burgundy hair, from body wave hair to kinky straight hair, there are various choices, and you can wear different wigs according to different occasions. In fact, in Hollywood movies, many movie stars wear wigs. First, because the characters they play have a long age range and cannot grow the hair they need. Second, wearing wigs can help construct and promote the depiction of a certain era or character and add visual cues.

The second benefit of wearing a wig is to protect your natural hair from everyday damage such as heat or products containing harsh chemicals. When wearing a wig, your hair can become healthier, thicker and improve the quality of your hair!

Spencer Hastings hair wig

The third benefit is that it gives you more time, because Troian's hair is a blonde hair color. In order to match the look in the play, it needs to be dyed, washed, and curled. This series of actions together may take more time than you do. Imagine more. Wigs can save you styling time, so you can have more time to rest and work in a fuller state.

A fourth benefit is that wigs can provide a level of stability that can be difficult to achieve when a person's real hair can change from day to day during a shoot. Wigs allow for this stabilizing effect so that, whether the scenes are shot chronologically or one after the other as separate entities, there won't be any unexpected changes in the character's hairstyle while filming different parts of those episodes.

Spencer Hastings Thoughts On Wigs

Spencer Hastings said in an interview with "PeopleStyle" in 2016 that because she cut her hair to a chin length when she was a child in kindergarten, her best friend didn't talk to me for a month because of this. Even though I've never heard of this happening, I'm still afraid that my friends will turn away again because I change my hairstyle. However, I wanted to change and replace my hairstyle that had not changed. I was in an endless struggle.

Spencer Hastings curly hair class=

Whenever someone cuts my hair, I immediately panic. I just have this horrible memory of people rejecting me, but I wanted to cut my hair more than anyone else, and I was also so scared, and by wearing a wig, I could both reduce that pain, have some comfort, and Try out a variety of new looks.


In recent years, whether celebrities wear wigs has gradually become a topic of discussion after dinner. In fact, wigs can bring convenience to people, and there is no need to be particularly sensitive. Everyone has a reason for wearing them. What we appreciate is the person himself, and there is no need to pay special attention to others.

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