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Is Sew In Hair Good For Your Hair

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Last updated Aug 7, 2020

is sew in hair good for your hair

If you don’t have hair loss or hair matte problem, you don’t know how to use the sew in hair and why you use it? While for black women, their original hair is not good, so they use sew in hair to add their hairstyles and hair volume. Is it good for their own hair? Today we will share with you about it.

Introduce of sew in hair

The concept of sew in hair comes from the hair was sewed on black women original hair. They purchase human hair bundles, then braid their own hair, sewing the hair weft on the braid hairline. It makes the hair stable on the head.

There are two kinds of sew in hair, normally it means real human hair, sometimes, people use synthetic hair. You can use these hair bundles to make an invisible and undetectable hair. Sew in weave can be washed and styled like your natural hair.

Sew in hair extensions are 100 human hair, there hasn’t been treated with chemicals or dye. They have the cuticle intact. So the hairstyle you made are very natural. Although the price are high, the hair can be last long.

curly sew in hair

Why sew in hair are popular?

Sew in hair are popular among black women, wigs for black women is a necessary decoration. Even a little girl, they use weaves to change their hairstyles.

1. Easy to handle. There are many tutorial process on the website, girls learn how to make a wig with sew in hair on the internet, many customers buy the original hair extensions from the hair vendor and do the hairstyles by themselves.

2. Natural. The hair is virgin hair, the hair cuticles are in the same direction. After you install the hair bundles, it looks more natural and comfortable. Tangle free, shedding a little.

3. Comfortable. People would think that if they wear a wig, it is not proper and breathable. Actually not, people sew the hair bundles on their own hair, the hair looks more natural and breathable. Some people use lace to make a wig, the lace is a special material which are more comfortable and breathable.

body wave sew in hair

4. Cost less, get more. You purchase 3 or 4 hair bundles to sew in a wig, with a proper care, you can use about 6-9 months. Cheap sew in hair not means the hair quality is not good, different hair vendors have different hair price. If the hair vendor is factory directly supplier, their price is very competitive. Julia hair is a factory supplier, they have their own factory in Xuchang.

5. Glue less. Sew in hair are no glue hair extensions. People who use it doesn’t need glue, they just need sew the hair on their own hair, there is no harm to their own skin.

6. Double machine weft. The hair wefts are double machine wefts which are very durable and powerful. That’s the reason why the hair shedding minimal.

straight wave sew in hair

7. The hair ends are full and thick. There is no other hair mix, true to length. There is a range on the hair bundles, they use different length hair to make a hair bundle in order to create a shape natural.

8. There is no split on the hair end. The virgin remy hair cut from the virgin hair donor, the hair quality is very hair, they process the gray hair and split hair inside, the hair you get is good.

From all these hair knowledge, you should know there if no harm to you own hair if you use sew in hair weave. While it can add your beauty from your head in the first impression.

short bob sew in hair

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