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Is Remy Hair Real Human Hair?

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Last updated Feb 8, 2022

is remy hair real human hair

Hey beautiful girls, hair is very important for us to achieve beauty. I know you want to look your best, especially after we come out of lockdown and that might mean a new luscious look.

There are so many hair vendors at the hair market and they can say human hair or Remy hair. But is remy hair real human hair? What exactly does it mean if hair weave is Remy? Are they made from human hair? Today, we will discuss the questions to help women understand more Remy hair and human hair knowledge. Follow Reading!

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Firstly, Talk About What's Remy Hair

Remy Hair is one of the highest grades of human hair when it comes down to hair weave or hair extensions. This quality of weave only comes in human and not synthetic.

So, you’re probably curious about what makes Remy hair different from other kinds of weave? Well, Remy refers to 100% human hair cut from a younger donor, all hair in one orientation of the scales, more healthy and shiny, can help avoid tangle.

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The Quality Of Remy Hair

Hair Smell

For the smell, we promise no corn-chip chemical smell, our hair is 100% chemical-free, we do not only care about beauty but also our customer's health!

But we do wash the hair when we produce it, it's may have a local shampoo smell on it, anyway, it will lift your shampoo and conditioner smell shortly after co-wash, you can hang it outside, make it nature dry, that will be better.

About Shedding

Exquisite workmanship: Double reinforce weft, shedding free. We highly recommend that you seal the weft when you get the hair. When the factory workers sew the hair pieces into a bundle, there might be several short pieces that aren’t attached to the weft, that’s not shedding.

The wefts are double machine wefts to prevent possible shedding, if you have to cut the weft to adjust the hair volume for your installation, please seal the edges of the wefts to avoid shedding.

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About Tangle

Hair tangle due to dryness, oil/dirt build-up, salt-water, chlorine, and not combing daily. Make sure to wash & condition your hair once a week. Use Argan oil/Olive oil to keep your hair moisture and nutrition with recommend hair care products.

Can Bleached & Dyed & Curled

It is remy hair, so could be dyed and iron-flat, when iron flat it, please don’t exceed 150℃ or the hair will be destroyed. kindly control temperature and time well. Due to there are so many different color Conditioners in the market, we recommend you test a small portion of hair before coloring or perming the entire bundle.

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What Is Human Hair?

‘Basic Human’ hair is again 100% human and has not been mixed with any other synthetic hairs. Human hair extensions can be dyed, styled, curled, straightened, and washed just like your own natural hair. High-quality human hair will last a reasonable length of time however take special care.

Is Remy Hair Real Human Hair?

Yes, Remy hair is real human hair. All Remy hair extensions are human hair, but not all human hair extensions are Remy hair. Now, we can see the several different aspects between Remy hair and human hair.

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The Quality

When it comes to quality, Remy hair always wins. Human hair has been processed and dipped in silicone, which may make the hair feel soft and look shiny to begin with, but it loses its silkiness quickly.

You will notice a significant difference from when you bought your human hair and what it looks and feels like after it has been washed. This silicon layer wears away easily and within a short period of time, the hair becomes lifeless and dull. In addition, the hair gets matted and tangles easily.

However, Remy hair does not suffer from these problems. As the hair goes through little processing and strands flow in the natural direction they grew, it is less prone to tangling and becoming matted.

In addition, there has been no silicone put onto the hair, which means that it is naturally soft and silky. To put it simply, Remy hair not only appears beautiful, but it remains this way, unlike human hair. With proper care and maintenance, your Remy hair bundles will look stunning for even longer.

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The Price

Human hair is more expensive because it has to be grown the natural way: on someone’s head. This takes time and effort. Gathering the hair is a process too. If it helps, imagine a woman in a stylish chair. This is where the Remy difference happens.

Instead of cutting the hair and letting the pieces fall where they may, Remy hair is gathered in one bunch. Keeping the gathered hair in bundles preserves the integrity of the cuticle with the hair laying in the same direction from root to end. This prevents tangling and provides natural movement.

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Life Span

Remy hair extensions will last a long time, as long as you look after them properly. They can even last up to one year!

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Do you have a clear understanding of Remy hair and human hair according to the above information? I hope this blog can help you to know more about Remy hair and human hair that you can choose the suitable and best hair for you. Welcome to Julia Hair Mall, all the hair is 100% virgin Remy hair, fast free shipping and a big discount for you.

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