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How To Wash Brazilian Hair Weave?

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Last updated Nov 2, 2022

It is unbelievable that there are quite a number of people in this day and age who still walk around with dirty, smelly weaves! Funny enough, some of them believe that weaves do not have to be washed as often. However, this is absurd because if you have paid top dollar for it why should you neglect it? For others, the challenge is how to wash their weaves. If you are one of those who has a problem when it comes to washing weaves, here is the general procedure on how to wash Brazilian Hair Weave:

brazilian human hair

What You Will Need

· Paddle Brush

· Low pH/High moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

· Wide-tooth Comb

· Soft Towel

General Washing Procedure

Step 1: Straighten the hair Before getting down to the main business, you would need to straighten the weave. A good way to this is to partition your Brazilian virgin hair into two sections. One part of the hair should be made to drop to the back; while the other part is brought to the front, typically resting on the chest. The next thing to do is to brush the wig using either a paddle brush or a wig comb to remove any tangles.

Step 2: Make the hair wet The next step is to make the hair wet; however care must be taken not to soak up the weave. In order to ensure this, you should bend your head downwards into a bowl of water or place the hair in a sink. The goal is to prevent the water from reaching areas beneath the tracks as this could pose a problem if the tracks are glued. The general rule is to start from the weft, close to the tracks, and work your way downwards using warm water.

Step3: Shampoo the hair The wetting of the hair is to be followed with washing with moisturizing shampoo. Shampooing your normally involves immersing the weave into a basin a bowl of warm water. Prior to this, you need to add a little quantity of the shampoo, say one tablespoon, to the warm water.

Step4: After the hair has been immersed in the warm water, the next thing is to work through the hair with your fingers. This should be done very gently in order to remove sweat and oils. The final thing to do here is to rinse the shampoo completely out of the hair. This can either be done in a bowl of warm water or by placing the hair under running water. While at it, please note that hair should not be squeezed but rather, it should blot with a soft towel.

brazilian hair wash steps

Step 5: Condition the hair It is important to condition the virgin hair weave in order to give an almost new look. This should be done while the hair is still wet. It is quite a simple process that requires you to apply a small quantity of the conditioner to your hand, and then work it through the hair.

The final step here is to rinse the conditioner off from the hair by placing it under warm, running water. In place of a regular conditioner, a conditioning spray can also be used to condition the hair.

Step 6: Dry the hair. There are so many options when it comes to drying the hair. The most common method is using a hair drier and this is usually the fastest. Other people may choose to simply air dry the hair, even though this takes a much longer time. In fact, many people are of the opinion that air drying is the safest method and should be encouraged.

However, the most important thing is to allow the hair to dry completely, whichever method you adopt. Not allowing the hair to be fully dry before going to bed—assuming you washed it at night—would leave you with smelling hair in the morning. You wouldn't want that.

Step 7: Wash the hair frequently Learning how to wash your Brazilian hair would not be complete without your knowing how often it should be done. While some persons have recommended washing the hair after every 10 days, others are of the opinion that it should be washed once for after being worn for about 6 to 8 times.

Cleaning Extensions After Swimming

What You Will Need:

· High moisturizing conditioner

· Towel

· Hair Wrap

The Cleaning Process:

1. The most important thing when swimming with extensions is to clean the hair immediately afterward to avoid damage from chemicals, chlorine and salt.

2. Rinse hair thoroughly to remove all chemicals. If necessary, wash hair following instructions above.

3. Allow hair to air-dry completely.

4. If hair becomes dry, follow these steps:

· Apply high moisture conditioner to hair.

· Wrap in a moist, warm towel.

· Let the conditioner remain on hair for 10-30 minutes.

· Rinse as normal.

brazilian hair extensons wash while swimming

Additional Tips and Advice

♥ To avoid damaging the hair extensions, the cuticles, and your scalp, only wash with warm water.

♥ Use an Organic and sulfate free shampoo to avoid drying the hair out.

♥ Wash the hair gently in a downward motion with your palms. Never scrub or bunch the hair together as this will cause open cuticles to rub against each other causing friction.

♥ Rinse between each wash, and was only 1-2 times. Gently apply 2-3 drops of natural oil over the hair while it is wet, and these oils will penetrate the cuticles and add moisture to hair extensions.

♥ Finally, lower the shower head and rinse your hair (not scalp) with cold water. Let your hair air-dry at home.

Brazilian virgin hair bundles with closure are dense, soft and naturally curly. Because of the cultural variety of individuals of South America, the locks structure is often placed in different qualities or groups which match the feel of the cultural cosmetics of individuals of South America.

brazilian body wave

It's important that you go around with a hair that smells good and looks nice. In order to achieve this, you must be willing to put in much effort into maintaining your hair. Wish you can have your own Brazilian hair for a long time, which can help you save a large amount of money.

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