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How To Sew In Hair With Weaves

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Last updated Mar 22, 2023


Sew in hair is popular for black women, they use hair bundles to sew in a wig by themselves. By these sew in weave, customers create different image to others. Today, we will share some knowledge about sew in hair.


What is sew in hair

How many sew in hair bundles do I need for a whole head

How to sew in hair

How to wash sew in hair

What is sew in hair

Sew in hair also called sew in weave. It is a professional words for whom using human hair bundles. At the beginning of the hair history, people wear the fix style wigs, but now, people purchase different weave hairstyle to make different wigs.

When people say sew in hair, it means 100 human hair. Generally, there are human hair and synthetic hair. Real hair is soft and bouncy, it is more breathable and comfortable.

Compare with synthetic hair, human hair can last longer than it. Synthetic hair is easy tangle, matte, and shedding. So customers like to choose human hair to make a wig.

highlight lace wig

How many sew in hair bundles do I need for a whole head

When customers choose human hair bundles to make a wig, they are questioned about how many bundles sew in hair do they need for a whole head. It depends on the personal habit. Some person like thin hair, some others like thick hair. Generally, there is one way to make the choice, the hair length decides how many weave bundles do you need.

If customers want to have a short wig less than 20 inches, they can choose 3 bundles. Some like lace wigs, so they always purchase a lace frontal or lace closure match with the hair bundles. If customers like long hair wigs than 20 inches, they can choose 4 bundles, the hair should be thick and full.

How to sew in hair

Sew in hair is not complex. People can finished by themselves at home, if you are green hand, you are not sure you can do it better, you can go to hair salon to make a new hairstyle.

First, prepare your own hair. Braid your hair by hair tracks which make it sort of a hair cap neat and clean.

Second, sew in hair weaves on the hair tracks gently and piece by piece.

Third, leave a neighborhood forehead. you'll prefer to use a hair closure or your own hair which makes the wig natural. Today we'll introduce the one to use their own hair.

Forth, use a flat iron to form the hair straight and elegance it.

See, it's very easy to form a wig by hair weave without a hair cap net. Don't you would like to try?

curly hair wig

How to wash sew in hair

1 Take an enormous width comb and tenderly comb through the Hair Bundles to slacken any knots or tangles.

2 Use a shampoo particularly made for sewing in Human Hair weave bundles. These shampoos help to take care of tangle to a minimum, while likewise maintaining your hair's normal moisture balance.

Please notice :Wash the weave Hair Bundles beginning from top to finish by lightly massaging the shampoo into the Hair. It's imperative that you simply keep the hair straight while washing it. this permits avoid inflicting matting and tangling.

3 Once you've got finished washing your hair, apply your conditioner Again, apply it by utilizing a diluted Way of conditioner and water.This dilution facilitates to maintains a strategic distance from any tangle or bunches.

Have this arrangement sit on your hair for no but 3 minutes, then flush your hair with warm water. Take after this flush with a cool water wash. Utilize your fingers rake them through your hair–once more to diminish tangles.

Note that this frosty water works at shutting the cuticles which provides a fantastic shine on the hair.

4 Gently towel squeeze the hair but not twist. To blot the hair, you'll take one fresh and dry towel on your hand ,Keep Squeeze the wet hair from roots to the top (one section to a different section ,until your hair hair is on the brink of dry) .Do this down each segment of hair, lightly.

5 Finally, it's presumably best to air dry the hair. Please Notice:Don't utilize hair dyer and presentation to the daylight and make sure you have relatively little hair within the braid or it won't dry.

curly hair wig 2

Julia weave bundles and Julia hair wigs are available for beauties. Body wave, curly wave, and straight wave are the most common hairstyles, they also have deep wave, loose wave, kinky curly, natural wave, water wave hair weave and human hair wigs.

Wigs for black women are easy to install, so customers like to order wigs directly to save more time. While human hair weaves as the main sew in hair, if you like to make a wig by yourself, you can purchase hair bundles to sew a wig proper for you. Many choice to meet your requirement about beauty.


To get the new fashion trend, they make efforts on doing new products, now they have U part wigs, lace part wigs, headband wigs, and Pu fake scalp wigs. The skills are improved, with less cost can get more natural hair wigs is their goal.


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