How To Protect Natural Hair Under A Wig?


With the development of the era and the improvement of people's aesthetic level, people pay more and more attention to fashion. Hairstyle is one of the important elements of fashion.

To get a perfect hairstyle that they like, people usually buy and use real human hair wigs, either to make their original hair look fuller or to show their unique style and charm. In short, more and more girls would like to choose to wear wigs in their daily life.

Because our natural hair is relatively fragile, how do you care for your natural hair? Do you know how to protect your hair from damage better under a wig? If you have the same doubt, then please pay attention to the following content of the post.

protect hair under a wig

How To Protect Your Natural Hair Under A Wig?

Before You Wear a Wig

Choose a suitable size hair wig

Some people may consider the stability of the hair wigs and worry that the wig will loosen or fall off, so they prefer choosing a smaller wig. But in fact, this is not good for your hair and scalp. A too-tight hair wig will hinder the blood circulation of your head and will make your scalp unable to breathe, which will bring about a feeling of stuffiness.

Dry your natural hair

Before putting on a hair wig, make sure that your hair is dry. Don't wear a wig when your hair is damp, or a damp environment will be formed inside when you are wearing the wig, which will lead to the growth of bacteria. In this case, your scalp may be itchy and rash. It is not conducive to the health of your scalp and hair.

When You Wear a Wig

Wear a hair cap

This is a step that cannot be ignored. Wearing a hair cap can prevent direct contact between the wig and your hair and the scalp. Some people will add some powder close to the color of their skin in the hair seam of the wig to make it look more natural. At this time, it can act as an isolation and protective layer. Besides, because the inner nets of some wigs are not soft enough, a hair cap can also help reduce the discomfort of the scalp.

Adjust the strips

There is no doubt you have to adjust the strips appropriately to leave some space for your scalp to breathe. This can also ensure that the blood circulation of the scalp remains smooth.

F430 loose wave highlight wig

After You Wear a Wig

Take off the wig before going to bed

We recommend that you should take off your wig before going to bed at night. Because you have worn it for a long time during the day, your scalp needs to breathe and relax. In a stuffy environment for too long, the scalp secretes too much oil, which may cause a series of problems such as an itchy scalp and red rash.

Wash and care for your hair

After removing your wig, it is time to care for your natural hair. Remember to wash your hair and use some conditioner and other products to add luster to your hair, which can make your hair smoother and reduce knots. It can also prevent your natural hair from breaking because it is too dry. Having a good natural hair quality is the key to protecting your hair.

Massage your scalp

After you wash and dry your hair, you can massage your scalp simply. Because under normal circumstances, to make our hair flatter to help us wear a wig better, we tie our hair very tightly, and the scalp does not relax all day. And the hair stayed in the stuffy environment under the wig for too long, it needs to breathe. We can gently massage our scalp to help it relax and promote blood circulation of the scalp.

Wash your wig regularly

If you wear wigs often, you must remember to wash them regularly and in time. Because after wearing the wig for a long time, the hair cap of the wig will be stained with a lot of dust and grease a lot of bacteria. If you don't wash it, just put it on your head, it will cause strong discomfort to your scalp. which is harmful to the health of the scalp and hair follicles, and may cause itching rashes, and hair loss.


Today we mainly put forward some suggestions about “how to protect natural hair under a wig” for you, including some precautions before and after you wear a wig. In general, keep the hair clean, make your hair breath, and provide a clean environment for the growth of the hair. While paying attention to our hair fashion styles and beauty, we must also pay attention to the health of our hair. If possible, you can minimize the length and frequency of wearing a wig.

Last, if you want a comfortable and suitable hair wig, you can come to Julia Hair. We have a variety of high-quality wigs for you to choose from. If you have some other questions about wigs, please contact our customer service.

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