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How To Match Hair Extensions With Your Hair Color?

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Last updated Nov 7, 2022

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Hair extensions are the best-kept secret, you want to make sure your hair extensions look natural. Hair extensions should enhance your look and be the best-kept secret. With the right pair of extensions, no one will know you are wearing extensions-even if they feel your hair!

Getting amazing hair extensions really involves hitting all the cylinders of getting the best products, in the right color and length, and having them installed by a stylist that is both an artist and technician.

One of the most frustrating parts of selling hair extensions online is that we aren’t able to color match the amazing range of hair colors in person. There is something about being in natural light and holding the extensions directly up to your hair that makes it precise. For a beautiful, natural look, match hair extensions to your own color. Here are some tips for picking the right colors for you.

What Shade Will Match Your Hair Extensions? 

Here are our Sample recommendations to help guide you in selecting the correct shade:

hair extensions color

    • Light Blondes: Lightest Blonde, California Blonde, Pale Ash Blonde, Sunset Blonde, Natural Blonde.
    • Medium Blondes: Malibu Blonde, Sunset Blonde, Natural Blonde, Golden Blonde, Ash Blonde, Rodeo Drive Blonde.
    • Blondes with Highlights: Pale Ash Blonde, Sunset Blonde, Golden Blonde, Ash Blonde, Rodeo Drive Blonde.
    • Strawberry Blondes: Golden Blonde, Copper. Dark Blondes: Ash Blonde, Rodeo Drive Blonde, Malibu Blonde.
    • Light Brunettes: Malibu Blonde, Light Brown, Beverly Hills Brunette, Hollywood Brunette, Starlet Brunette, Bombshell Brunette.
    • Brunettes with Highlights: Beverly Hills Brunette, Starlet Brunette, Bombshell Brunette.
    • Medium Brunettes: Beverly Hills Brunette, Starlet Brunette, Bombshell Brunette, Hollywood Brunette, Brown, Bel Air Brunette, Dark Brown.
    • Dark Brunettes: Starlet Brunette, Brown, Bel Air Brunette, Dark Brown, Black Brown.
    • Black Hair: Black Brown, Pure Black.
    • Ombre Hair: L.A. Ombre, 9021Ombre, Ombre, Bronzed Ombre or the color that you think will closest match the ends of your hair.
    • Redheads: Copper (Light), Hollywood Bronzed Brunette (Medium), Roxbury Red (Dark).

How To Match Hair Extensions With Your Hair Color?

This Ultimate Guide to Color Matching your hair extensions will share 5 tips to color match your hair extensions online and introduce our new free color matching service to both stylists and clients! A few tips on color matching and buying hair extensions online in general.

best virgin hair extensions

TIP 1: Match your hair extensions to the ends of the hair vs. your roots. The ends of your hair will sit on top the extensions and they need to blend more toward the ends than the roots.

TIP 2: Be prepared to customize the color or tone. For most women, we got you! The color of your hair will be easy to match. But you know who you are the trend is your middle name or you really love having very multi-dimensional hair that is bayalage, somber, smudged, or ombre. 

So for you be prepared that you might need to deposit some color to your roots. Also, if you like your hair to be very platinum or cool and ashy, you might need to tone your hair even further than what the hair arrives as.

TIP 3: Blonde opt for two-tone colors or rooted colors. Rooted colors are my jam! I love them because they are perfect for when your hair starts growing and your hair extensions are further down. This is especially true for blonde hair bundles.

blonde tape-in hair extensions

You don’t want that line to reveal that your flawless hair is indeed extensions! So how do you know if something is rooted? The color name usually begins with an R. If you don’t like rooted hair extensions, then opt for two-tone blondes. 

These blondes typically have a low light color and a highlight color. This way, if your client isn’t an exact match to one color, their hair color can act as a bridge color. Additionally, most blondes have 3-4 colors of blonde in their hair so having more dimension makes your hair extensions look way more realistic.

TIP 4: The part of the extension that will show under your own hair when it is attached is the important match. Identify your hair color from the tip to the middle of the strand. The root portion of the hair tends to be a darker color and will be hidden once the extension has been secured.

Blending your hair on the bottom part is the most critical for a natural, real-hair look. The new-growth hair at the root will not make for a good match and the hair will not integrate as seamlessly with your own natural hair color.

TIP 5: When choosing a color to match your own hair, choose a color that matches your hair from the middle to the ends. Never choose the hair color of your "roots" as that tends to be a different shade. 

The best color to choose for your hair will be the one that matches with the ends of your hair. We recommend to some of our customers to purchase 2 sets if your hair has multiple shades or more than 3 shades. Always match the Swatches to the ends of your hair. 

A Few Examples Of Color Matching

    • 1. Medium brown and light blonde.
    • 2. Dark blonde and light blonde.
    • 3. Red (We do not carry this shade) and light blonde.

For matching the majority shade in your hair, you would:

Match the medium brown shade with our Brown Sugar color.

Match the dark blonde shade with our Butterscotch color.

Match the dark red shade.

For adding more highlights or lowlights to this hairstyle, you would:

Match the light blonde shade with our Bleach Blonde color.

Match the light blonde shade with our Platinum Blonde color.

Depending on which color you would like to bring out more, this is the color you would choose for your clip-in hair extensions. Remember, whichever color you choose for your clip-ins will add much more of that color to your hairstyle.


When buying cheap hair bundles of hair or wigs human hair online, you will be given the option to choose from many different hair colors. Some companies have as many as 40 different hair colors to choose from. Since black hair extensions are one of the most popular colors you will find, knowing the different hair color is essential if you are aiming for a more natural look.

If you want to know more information about Julia Hair, please click here!

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