How To Make Human Hair Wigs Smell Good?


It can be embarrassing if your wig is very nice but smells bad! How to make your wig smell good? This blog will help you answer your questions.

Reasons For Wigs To Smell

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1. Production Process

Human hair wigs are chemically treated real hair wigs. Wigs also need to be treated to achieve a specific colour or texture. Differences in wig manufacturers can result in different odours that you may smell when you buy a wig.

2. External Factors

Wigs, like our clothing, easily retain the smells and elements of our environment. Our natural hair has and will do the same, so it's not surprising. Humidity and sweat are common when it comes to wig odours. Things like tobacco, smoke, dust, and even incense and air fresheners tend to stick to our wigs.

When eating, the wig is very close to our meal, and the wig can easily retain the smell of the meal. Wigs do not retain one smell and then stop. They can retain multiple smells, and the combination of these smells may be the reason your wig has a strange or unpleasant odour.

3. Ignoring Wigs

When busy with work and life, it is sometimes easy to slack off on wig care. However, just like our hair, wigs need to be properly cared for and kept hygienic. Leaving your wig unwashed for long periods can lead to product buildup and will certainly leave your wig with an unpleasant odour. Wigs left sealed without being washed can smell very bad after a while.

The way you store your wig when not wearing it will affect the overall smell and sometimes even the life of the wig. Leaving a wig in a humid environment with little air circulation can cause it to emit a musty odour.

Natural Hair

Many people must realize that their natural hair's condition can affect their wigs' smell. If you regularly apply rose-scented products to your hair, this smell may also permeate your wig. When you place damp natural hair under your wig, the wig cap and the entire wig will begin to smell damp. Damp wigs are more likely to absorb unpleasant odours.

7 Effective Ways To Make Human Hair Wig Smell Good

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1. Use Scented Shampoo And Care Products

Scented shampoos, conditioners, and even wig-styling products will keep your wig smelling great. You want to ensure that the products you buy are high quality. Otherwise, it can cause damage to your wig. You can also buy a scented spray conditioner on your wig between washes to ensure it always smells fresh.

2. Wash Your Real Hair Wig Regularly

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There is no better way to make your real hair wig smell amazing than to wash it regularly. It would help if you got rid of sweat, dirt and other gunk. Wash your real hair wigs with a mild shampoo and conditioner or fabric conditioner. Using the same brand or scent of shampoo and conditioner is best to avoid odour after use. The frequency of shampooing depends on how often you use the wig and the environment you are exposed to.

3. Avoid Storing Wigs When Wet

When storing your wig, ensure it is scorched before packing it properly in the appropriate package or box. When wet, put it on a wig stand to keep its shape and let it dry naturally. If you need it to dry faster, you can use a hair dryer to dry it.

4. Make Sure Your Natural Hair Is Clean And Dry

While ensuring your real hair wig is clean and dry, you must also ensure your real hair is clean and odour free. Otherwise, the smell and dirt of your natural hair may interfere with your wig. Damp natural hair can also affect your wig.

5. Cover Your Wig In Smelly Environments

When exposed to fumes or smelly chemicals, cover your wig with a hat, or scarf to protect it. When you can't cover it, put your wig away or put it in a bun to protect your wig to some extent.

6. Keep a Clean Hair Brush

Wash your wig brush often to ensure that dirt and grease residue on the wig does not stick to the brush so that it does not create an odour later. You need to remove all the hair on the brush bristles and clean it often.

7. Regular Human Hair Wig Accessories

If you wear a wig to bed, you must regularly clean the pillowcase. Because dirt, sweat and grease and other residues will certainly get on your pillowcase. Other human hair wig accessories must also be cleaned regularly, including headscarves, hats and turbans.


We hope these approaches will serve as your hair care guide to keep your real hair wigs smelling great. If you still have any doubts or different opinions, please leave them in the comment section.

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