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How To Make A Natural Looking V-Part Wig?

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Last updated Jan 14, 2022

There's no denying that protective hairstyles reign supreme in the beauty world. A great way to protect your hair from the elements while rocking a stylish 'do, they simply can't be beaten.

V-part wigs are perfect for experimenting with various styles, textures, or cuts you fancy. Best of all, you can sport a natural look without the fear of a wiggy appearance. No wonder hair gurus and celebs alike can't get enough of this hairstyle trend.

These lace part wigs can be found on sales for exciting prices. So, want to try a V-part wig on for size? Follow along as we share everything you need to know about Middle parts, V-part wigs, so you can achieve a flawless look.

v part curly wig

What is a V part Wig?

V part wigs are advanced U- Shaped wigs with improved design. it is a modified half wig with a v-shaped opening on the top. You can blend your hair through the v-shaped opening at the top of the wig, then create a natural hairline. For this v part wigs are also called V-shaped wigs.

What Are The Benefits of V part Wig?

  • Natural Looking

Since a portion of your natural hair will be left out, U-part wigs offer more versatility when it comes to sectioning out your hair, and often give a more natural-looking finish. You also have the freedom to style your edges however you'd like.

  • Very Good Breathability

V part wigs have very good breathability. This makes the head and scalp maintain natural airflow. Thus, users can enjoy the wig without any hassle. There is open space between wefts, that's why V part wigs provide great ventilation. Ease of use for the consumer, Provides more comfort to the user. Easy to wear and maintain on day to day basis.

  • Beginner Friendly Wig

This wig is having a very simple wearing mechanism than any other wig found in the market. You just wear the V part wigs, fix your hair for a natural look and It's done. Wearing a V part wig is very hassle-free compared to any other wigs found in the market.

  • Very Fashionable and Divers

Styling hair with a hairband is a very easy and quick process. For office-going women, it is an annoyance to try to do a hairstyle every morning.

  • Affordability

These wigs are very affordable compared to other wigs. Most of the time they are on sale at an attractive price. So, get them as soon as you see them.

  • No Lace, No Glue

You don't need to think about glue and adhesive every time before wearing a human hair wig. Hassle-free installment and use are possible with v part wigs.

  • No, Leave Out, No-Sew In, Enough Space

The V part wig with leave out can allow your scalp and hair to have a break. Besides, you can have the access to cleanse and care for it regularly.

  • Helpful for Hair Growth

A V part wig is a great option for people who want to let their scalp have a break but still with a nice hairstyle.

  • Hide Hair Problems and Add Some Volumes or Length to Hair.

The v part wig is suitable for the black woman who is suffering hair loss or dreaming of thick and full hair. It can help you hide some hair problems and add some volume and length to your hair.

curly v part wig

How to Wear a V part wig and Get Natural Result?

Step 1: Measure Your Head

To kick things off, you'll need to place the U-part wig over your head. This step will let you know how much hair you need to part for a seamless look.

Step 2: Part Your Hair

Next, it's time to part your hair. Using a comb, part your hair at your crown to match the U-part wig shape. Be sure to also part about an inch-wide section from your hairline to the ear. Clip this hair out of the way. This will come in handy when you're ready to style your hair.

Step 3: Create Your Foundation

Now that your hair part is in good shape, it's time to get your remaining hair as flat as possible so your wig can lay evenly. Kick things off by creating small Dutch braids or twists, making sure to braid or twist your hair to the ends. Working with short strands? Simply smooth your mane with a bit of hair gel to keep your strands in place.

Step 4: Wig It Out

Holding the V-part wig at both sides, place the wig over your head and snap the clips in place to cover your braids. There should be clips along the perimeter of your V-part wig to ensure a seamless fit. As a result, your V-part wig should lay flat on your head with your hair part clipped in place.

Step 5: Adjust Your Wig

As we mentioned above, V-part wigs typically come equipped with an adjustable strap and clips to give you the best possible fit. If you find that you need more support, simply place the strap over your head to secure your wig. This helps to reduce the risk of the wig sliding on your head.

Step 6: Mask The Hair Extensions

Your V-part wig look is almost complete! Now that your wig is firmly in place, you need to disguise the hair extensions on your wig. Release your hair part along the sides and the crown of your head. Comb through with a wide-tooth comb for a gorgeous finish.

Where to Buy the Best V Part Wig?

If you want to get the best in class u part wig or V part wigs then you can always visit Julia Hair Mall. They have the best-in-class human hair collection with all types of Hairstyles. Visit them to get up your style game.

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