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How to Install Hair Bundles With Lace Closure?

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Last updated Nov 6, 2022

hair bundles with closure

Lace closure is the new trend hair type and more and more popular among people. This is because hair bundles with lace closure will make you look natural and like your own hair.

However, do you know how to install hair bundles with lace closure? Well, there are step-by-step instructions on installing human hair bundles with a lace closure that you can use this method to achieve your perfect look.

What is Lace Closure?

A closure is a piece that is used to cover the area of the head considered the "leave out" zone. They ensure that the area in front of the hairline and crown are well-blended. The general size is 4”×4”, 3.5”×4”, 4”×5”.

Lace closure is thinner than a silk base closure, which makes them lie flatter on your head. They can either be applied with weaving thread or a liquid adhesive and make you have a natural appearance.

body wave hair bundles

How To Install Hair Bundles With Lace Closure?

Step 1: Create Hair Weave Cap

Create a removable hair weave cap. Gluing weave wefts and lace closures onto a cap prevents the glue from pulling at your hair upon removal --and decreases the chances of skin allergic reactions.

Step 2: Put Weave Onto Wig Head

Put a weave cap onto a wig head, so you can ensure that the hair is being glued-on evenly. As the hair is glued on the cap, it can appear on your head.

Step 3: Layer A Thin Glue

Apply a thin layer of glue to the edge of your hair weaves. Thick glue can stain the hair.

Step 4: Apply Hair Weave To The Cap

Apply the hair weave to the cap from left to right --beginning at the nape of the neck -- and move up. Cut off the ends of the hair that extend past the hairline, until you get to the level of the ears. Layer the lace closure close together to prevent gaps between weaving hair.

straight hair bundles with lace closure

Step 5: Glue The Weaves In Circular Fashion

Glue the hair weaves in a circular fashion from the left ear to the right ear around the forehead to the left temple. This will ensure a layer of hair that will be in front of the lace closure, so the lace closure hair will have some hair to blend into your own real hair at the front.

Step 6: Leave A Circle At The Top

Glue subsequent lace closure in a semi-circular fashion. Glue this hair up to the temple so the forehead hair does not appear too thick. Leave a circle about the size of your lace closure at the top of the cap bare area.

Step 7: Achieve A Natural Looking

Squirt or drizzle a thin layer of glue to the base circle at the top of your cap. Apply your lace closure. The closure hair will blend with the glued hair weave wefts for a natural looking appearance.

Lace Closures is great because it gives you a flat and smooth appearance. A good weave can make any woman feel glamorous. So it is very important for you to know how to install human hair bundles with lace closure which can change your look and give you a new life.

Julia hair mall has Lace closure and Lace frontal which are most popular for modern girls. I hope that this article is useful for every modern girl and improve your unique beauty and fashion.

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