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How to hide wig hairline? The Most Detailed Guide For You!

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Last updated Mar 22, 2023

What do you want to get with your wig? To get a new hair look? Or to change your style? But no matter what you want, a natural look is what everyone wants to get first. Wig hairline has been a big problem for many girls to deal with. When you get a new wig, the wig hairline is also the part that needs us to pay attention to, because a perfect hairline wig is necessary for us. The hairline of many wigs is a little unnatural, just like a helmet, so we have to make it as natural as possible.

melted hairline wig

Why Should You Hide Wig Hairline?

When you get your new wig, you'll find that whether it's a lace wig or a machine-made wig, there's a distinct hairline. They are generally too neat and lack the natural and jagged feel of our hairline. If you wear it without dealing with the hairline, your hairline will look unnatural. I believe this will definitely not be the result you want. So you have to figure out a way to hide your hairline and achieve the most natural look.

How To Hide Wig Hairline?

In this section, we will teach you how to make a realistic hairline on a wig step by step.

1. Get Your Natural Ready

Firstly, you should braid your natural hair into pin braids so that it lays flat possibly under the wig cap. You’d better choose a flesh tone cap because you will see underneath. When you part the lace, it will be more like a scalp. If you wear a black cap, you have to add more concealer. You can leave some of your edges out, which will make your wig hairline more natural.

wear wig cap

2. Put On And Secure Your Wig

Put on your wig and cut the lace along the hairline. You can pull your wig a little back to avoid a low hairline. Then secure your wigs with the inside combs and straps. Don’t apply adhesive along your hairline now, leave it and pull all the hair back to show the hairline totally.

put on a wig

3. Apply Ultra Glued

Take the ultra glued styling gel which is not glue but works to dissolve the sweat and make your wig stay. Just take a little bit and apply it all around the hairline. Then use a blow dryer and keep a cool temperature to help the gel dry. Or you can leave it for 30-45 minutes until it is completely dry.

4. Comb Down Fake Baby Hair

Lightly comb down on the very edge of the way where the shorter hairs would naturally be. Don’t comb down too much hair, or it will look very heavy and messy.

5. Pluck Wig Hairline

Pull the fake baby hair out you want. Make sure when you are pulling down that you will not lift the leaf. Then use tweezers and find the specific hair you want to pull. You have to be really careful with tweezers so you won’t rip the actual lace.

pluck wig

6. Make Hair Part

You can decide your part according to your preference, a side part or a middle part is up to you. Then plug out some of the hair along the part line so it looks more natural. Don’t do too much of this because you don’t want it to be too wide.

7. Apply Some Concealer

Take your concealer. Whatever concealer you normally highlight with is ok. Take your concealer brush and lightly run the concealer along the line so that you can hide it. Stop when it matched your skin tone. Then continue to take a little concealer and add it to anywhere you feel like the lace is showing, which can help make it look more like skin.

apply concealer

8. Lay Your Baby Hair

Use a baby hairbrush, you can also use a toothbrush. Brush the short hair along the hairline to smooth the baby hair. If the hair is too long, you can use a little razor to shorten it, but don’t make it too blunt. Baby hair is essential. Then take a little hairline glue and tap it from the top. Take all the hair around and move it around till you get it into the style that you like.

lay baby hair

9. Take a Wand To Flat Hair Flatter

Take a wand and run it along with the parts. This makes the part more prominent. If you really want it to lay super flat, you can wet the actual lace and straighten it in that direction. Now, a natural hair look has been finished.

use a wand

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This blog mainly introduces the method of how to make a realistic hairline on a wig. You can follow the above 9 steps to make your wig into a perfect hairline wig. If you have some other useful methods, welcome to share your method in our comment section.

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