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How To Get Heatless Sock Curls In 6 Easy Steps

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Last updated Jan 26, 2024

If you want to change up your hairstyle but don't want to use heat tools on your hair, consider sock curls, a heat-free method for achieving a variety of curly and wavy styles. Especially great for people with textured hair, silky hair, damaged hair, and everything in between.

1. Sock Curls Styles

1) Headband stock curls

Headband stock curls

For short hair, wearing stocking curls is a good choice. Wear socks as a tool on your head, and then tuck the hair on both sides through the socks to form a ring, giving the effect of loose spiral curls, which are very elegant, suitable for attending weddings or events.

2) Satin curly hair

Satin curly hair

Place the long satin tie on your head, use flat bobby pins to hold it in place with your hair, take a small 1-inch section of hair at the top, and wrap it around the sock. As you move around the sock, pick up the next section of hair and wrap it around the sock. Continue braiding small sections of hair until all the hair in that section is wrapped around the sock, then secure the hair with an elastic band. Repeat the above action, wait 40 minutes, then take off the sock and tousle the hair with your fingers.

3)Sock bantu knot curly hair

Sock bantu knot curly hair

Divide your hair into small sections and twist each section towards the back of your head to create a mini bun. Wrap the knot in a sock. Use stockings or silk scarves to protect your hair while sleeping. In the morning, carefully undo the knots to achieve gorgeous curls in hot weather.

2. What You Need

Clean socks: Choose clean socks without any holes or loose threads. For longer hair, use longer socks as you need enough socks to wrap around your hair. If your hair is very short, you can use mid-length socks.

Hair ties or bobby pins: Part your hair.

Damp Hair: Curls work best on damp hair. You can moisturize your hair by spraying it with water or performing this method after washing your hair.

Styling spray: helps hair to be styled better.

3. Step-by-step Guide To Get Heatless Socks Curls

1) Start with damp hair:

Damp hair seems to be the best tip for achieving sock curls, with freshly showered and semi-dried hair working best. If you don't have time to wash your hair, grab a spray bottle of water and spray it on dry hair, making sure it's not soaking wet but damp enough to hold the curls in place.

2) Hair partitioning:

Divide the hair around your head into sections, 2 to 4 sections on each side work best, but you can add a few extra if you have thicker hair.

Hair below braided into socks

3) Wrap your hair around the sock:

Place the sock at the end of your hair and start rolling it up toward your scalp. When you reach the end, tie the sock tightly (or securely with a hair tie) so it doesn't unravel, making sure it stays knotted when you open it.

Top hair blends with the socks/p>

There is another way to start rolling up 3cm away from the scalp. With the socks still, grab the hair and wrap it around the socks. The ends of the hair are exposed for easy knotting. The hair needs to be tightly rolled around each sock.

4) Repeat this for the other sections.

Comple braid

5) Finalization:

If you use socks to curl your hair during the day, spray some styling spray, wait 40-50 minutes, and then gently untie your hair from the socks, being careful not to pull hard.

If you're using this method at night, you don't need to use a styling spray, just spray some water and hold the sock curls in place while you sleep, and when you wake up, you'll have natural-looking curls. (Tip: If you sleep on your side, you want to place your socks on top of your head to prevent discomfort while sleeping; if you're sleeping on your side, place your socks lower on your head to avoid lying on them.)

Sock wrap hair

6) Final adjustments:

Gently finger comb and shake the curls to separate them and achieve the desired look. If desired, you can use some hairspray or styling products to style it.

4. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Heatless Sock Curls


1) The biggest advantage is that it will not cause thermal damage. The high heat of a curling iron or straightener can dry out your hair, causing it to become brittle and prone to breakage. Heatless sock curls avoid this and are a healthier option.

2) Save time. Heatless curling irons are also great for those who live a busy life and don’t have time to go to the hair salon. You can wrap their hair in a sock before going to bed and wake up with beautiful curls.

3) Save money. Purchasing and replacing curling irons can cost hundreds of dollars, but using heatless socks to curl your hair doesn't require any additional tools. Just choose your socks and you can wear them again.


1) Sock curls last shorter than hot tools. After styling, sock curls can only last 8-10 hours. Generally speaking, the curls will disappear by the next day.

2) There is also a small drawback, if you don't let the socks dry completely after use, your socks may become moldy or moldy.

5. FAQ

1)Can I do stocking curls with dry hair?

When browsing through no heat sock curl videos, you may notice that most people do it on wet hair and sometimes wonder, can I do it on dry hair? Of course, before you start, spray a lot of water on your hair and start curling it.

2)Is heatless sock curling best done on wet or dry hair?

Heatless sock curls are best for wet hair, but not completely wet. You need to blow your hair to a semi-dry state, and then curl the hair into the socks. This usually gives a tighter, clearer appearance and lasts longer.

3)How long do you keep sock curls in?

Depending on the hair's ability to hold its style, sock curls look best within the first three to four hours. Afterward, they will slowly begin to lose their curl, lasting up to a day, before returning to their original shape.

4) How to make your curls last longer?

Handle your curls gently - When detangling sock curls, instead of using a brush or comb, gently spread them out with your hands, scrunching them up as you go.

Blow dry your curls - Sock curls are a way to curl your hair without using heat. But you can use a warm hair dryer to blow it briefly. The heat promotes hold and helps ensure your curls stay put all day long.​

Use a styling spray - For best results and to keep your hair with plenty of movement and flexibility, use a light styling spray when you are done.

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