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How To Find Good Wholesale Hair Vendors

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Last updated Mar 22, 2023


For most hair retailers, they want to find stable wholesale hair vendors with good quality. This is the most important key for having sustained hair business and customers. Today, let us discuss how to find a stable and good wholesale hair vendor in China.


Hair market situations analysis

Why we say they are good hair vendors

Which country sells the best human hair

How to contact with the wholesale hair vendors

How about the price of wholesale hair products

Whats the best grade of weave hair

How to start selling human hair

Hair market situations analysis

There are many wholesale virgin hair factories in China, spread in Guangzhou, Shandong, and Xuchang. Xuchang is famous for its hair products since ancient times. The most famous company is Rebecca in the international world.

Of course, there are also other hair companies there. Such as Unice hair, Klaiyi hair, beauty forever hair, Julia hair, and Nadula hair, all of which give the customers amazing hair. And they accept wholesale business.

Julia hair factory located in Xuchang has more than 10 years of experience in hair products. It is a premium wholesale hair vendor, manufacturer, and supplier, providing top-quality virgin human hair and services to retailers, distributors, and vendors around the world. Online best wholesale hair vendor Julia hair, factory price, good quality, and fast shipping.

Factory Overview

Why we say they are good hair vendors

First, they are brand hair sellers. No matter before sale or after-sale service, they can make sure to protect their customers' benefits. Even you only purchase 1 single hair bundle, they try their best to make the customer satisfy the hair they bought.

Second, they have quality certification on their hair test report. This is the authorized agency for testing hair quality, which means you can believe the quality of the hair.

Third, they have more than 10 years of hair experience, which always follows the fashion trend. What is popular in the hair market, you will find the hair bundles or hair wig in their factory.

Forth, they have a complete research team and produce masters whose skills are the best to make a good hair weave or human hair wig. 24 hours hotline, no matter when you have problems, just contact them. They will help you solve it professionally.

Fifth, they have a warehouse in California, US. So the customers can get the hair package fast, normally, the common shipping takes 3-5 working days, but an extra 20$ for express shipping, which takes 1-2 working days. Except for the special situation, like huge wind, animals moving, serious virus and so on, all these we can’t control occasions.

Which country sells the best human hair

Although there are many countries that supply human hair, it is clear information that the major percentage of hair of the highest quality comes from China, you will see some other countries also have hair vendors.

As a professional hair seller, most of them are Chinese people open a factory there to use the cheap labor resource and materials. They come to these countries to get the virgin hair, then process to the hair bundles or wigs you get from the hair retailers.

curly hair weave

How to contact with the wholesale hair vendors

If you want to start a wholesale business on hair, you can search on the internet about hair business or wholesale hair vendors on the search engine. There are many hair vendors do the advertisement for their company, you can choose the one you think well, or make a comparison after contact with them.

Most of them have contact phone and email. You can send an email or make a call to get the information you want. Sometimes, you can’t reach them, please don’t be annoy, because most of the companies located in China, the time area is different. You can try again at another time, it should be work.

Thanks for your honesty and understanding. Business just like this, understanding is more important, understanding can make more benefits.

How about the price of wholesale hair products

If you find a real factory supplier, their price is low according to the quantities you bought.

For the first transaction, we suggest that you can buy small quantities like few hair bundles, lace closure, or lace frontal to test the quality of the hair. If the hair quality is good, you can try more or establish further cooperation.

Don’t always care about the price, the higher the price, the better the quality of the merchandise.

make a wig

Whats the best grade of weave hair

Weave hair has different grades like 7a hair, 8a hair, 9a hair, and 10a hair. The higher the grade, the better the hair quality. What’s more, the price is also higher.

Grade 10A hair is the highest quality hair in the market, which can last about 2 years with proper care. It is virgin hair, natural color, unprocessed, the same direction of hair cuticles, tangle-free, shedding free, no mix, no split, no lice, very soft, and bouncy. You can dye to any color you want, perm to the hairstyles you like.

Grade 7A human hair is human hair also, but the color is natural black, compared with the 10A hair, it is darker. You can dye it to any color except for 613 blonde and 27#. But the price is competitive, for the budget is not much, you can choose this one. You can enjoy 100 human hair products at a low price.

hair stock

How to start selling human hair

In modern times, it is easy for people who want to start a business if you want. You can open your own store in your local place or open a shop online. Make Advertisements in different ways to make people know your brand and find your products. This is the direct way to do business.

If you have no money to open a store, you can join as the affiliate program, make more people around you know the hair you sell, and buy it. You earn the commission. All these things base on you have many clients, or you can develop clients.

It is not necessary for you to have stock, the factory or company you service can arrange the shipment and do the service to the customers. When they get the order by your side, they can give you a commission depending on your sales.

hair package

Knowing about this knowledge about wholesale hair vendor, it will help you make the difference with different hair vendors. Add you more business on hair. Or if you have any questions about being a wholesale hair vendor, please feel free to contact us.

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