How To Fasten A Half Wig Not Fall Off


how to fasten a half wig not fall off

Half wigs are a resource widely used by many people. It does not matter if it is for aesthetic reasons, oncology or even for a costume. Reasons, like questions there are many, and a recurring question is usually how to fasten a half wig so that it does not fall and not despair in the attempt.

Today in Julia Hair, we are going to give you a series of tips or resources with which you can adapt your human hair half wigs to the head ensuring the maximum possible support and comfort.

What are half wigs

The half wigs are strictly what they sounds like: a wig that only covers a part of the top head, they often have a headscarf at the front to disguise the transition between the wig and natural human hair.

half wig cap structure

How to apply half wigs

1. First of all, if you want to achieve a finish as real and natural as that of the influence, you should invest a little more money in acquiring a model with half wig human hair wigs(you can also find them with animal hair and synthetic) and that has full lace in the inner part, that is, a mesh in which each strand is sewn, this will make the finish perfect, they are easier to comb and allow your scalp to breathe better.

2. Once you have your lace wigs ready, it is time to start the placement process, putting one on is not as obvious as simply putting it on your head as you could do at a costume party, but it has its procedure. First of all, you should prepare your skin by cleaning the hairline area well with a cotton swab dipped in make-up remover to remove any excess oil and thus allow the glue to adhere properly. Afterward, just as when they dye your hair, they put a protector to prevent the root and skin from picking up the pigments, you should use a protector to avoid possible allergic reactions to the glue.

3. You got it? Let's go to the next step. Picking up your hair correctly will determine the final result, it is not as simple as combing your hair in a high bun, you must take care of the details. If you have midi hair you can, for example, make small braids from the root to the nape and if it is long, comb it in a low ponytail and bring it up in a strip, holding it with hairpins.

4. Next, to prevent your part wigs from moving, you should use a net cap to cover all your hair and secure it with a pair of bobby pins on the sides. Now comes the time to put the glue, this step is essential if you want the wig to hold in place for longer. Apply, with the help of a brush and without exceeding the amount, a glue suitable for the skin in the area of ​​the forehead, you can also apply it to the edge of the cap for greater fixation. Allow the adhesive to dry slightly before putting on the part wigs.

5. Do not put it directly on the glue, as you could square it wrong and there would be no going back, you would have to remove all the glue before putting it back on. Put it on your head leaving about four fingers from the forehead and to prevent the glue from staining your part wigs, collect the hair in a ponytail. Finally, move the wig closer to the glue and use a barbed comb to fix it in sections by pressing lightly with it. Ready! You are now perfect to go out with your new temporary makeover.

If you want to change your 'look', but do not dare to cut or dye your hair, choose the favorite option of many influencers: the human hair half wig. Take note of how you should place it to achieve a natural and perfect result, in this case, you can do it with glue or without glue

kinky curly half wigs

More details about half wigs

We understand as a procedure to apply a human hair half wig is a series of steps that take place in the placement of synthetic hair, regardless of whether it is a synthetic wig or a human hair wig. We often find that once alone in front of the mirror, some people do not finish looking good with the half wig they just bought.

They may even feel rejected, this is because perhaps they have not been put on correctly or they are not holding it as they should. So, the first essential step is to select the half wig that best suits your needs.

If the person resorts to the use of a human hair half wig for oncological reasons, the ideal is to go to a hair aesthetic center before starting the treatment, since it is known by all that with this type of procedure hair follicles and cells suffer and are affected, causing hair loss.

Choose the half wig that most closely resembles your current style so that the choice is correct and that you have been assisted or assisted during the process so that the result is hidden as much as possible. There are straight half-wigs, body wave half-wigs, and curly half-wigs, Various hair textures for your option.

curly half wigs

While it is true that putting on a wig correctly is not something very complicated, when the person is alone he does not finish coping with ease or does not go well the first time, it is totally normal.

Some of the main problems they face may be that the cut is not adequate, seeing too much hair or volume. If in your case you have a lot of hair or long hair and you want to wear a wig, something very recurrent and that costs very little is to place a mesh or a stocking as a hair catcher and place the wig on top. Another option is the use of clips to ensure the fixation of the human hair half wig. It is ideal if you have some hair underneath to reinforce adaptability.

And as a third alternative, we present the use of adhesive, the one that is used the most because it is a material that is not noticeable and provides a large volume of fixation. Remember that no matter how hard it was to put the wig on, you don't need to wear it even to sleep. Well, these pieces need maintenance, but don't worry, on our blog you can find a publication about how to style a wig and information about its maintenance.

Let us see how Juliahair customers use the half wigs:

Juliahair invites you to stop by our shopping mall online and ask freely. We advise you on how to fasten your wig through advice and solve doubts.

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