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How To Cut A Short Wedge Haircut At Home?

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Last updated Jun 5, 2024

If you want to change your short hairstyle, the first thing that comes to mind is the fashionable bob haircut. There is also a less common short hairstyle - Wedge Haircut. Some people may not know what a Wedge Haircut is. In this blog post, we will introduce you to the details about Wedge Haircut and how to get a perfect wedge haircut.

1. What Is A Wedge Haircut?

The word "wedge" refers to the slant, which is applied to the hair to make it taller by beveling and layering it. The wedge haircut is characterized by a layered, voluminous at the top of the head that tapers to a point at the nape of the neck. Because this hairstyle has many layers and creates a thicker and fuller look, it is a popular choice for women with thin or fine hair.

Wedge Haircut

2. How To Cut A Short Wedge Haircut At Home?

Step 1 Group hair

Wedge Haircut Grouping

First, keep the hair in a semi-wet state, part the hair into a side part, and leave a small part of the hair on the left side, and a part of the hair on the right side. Divide the two parts of hair into four parts. The reason for not directly dividing it into four parts is to leave more hair in the front to make the bangs look fuller and better frame the forehead. At the same time, it can be better trimmed in layers to make the overall hairstyle look more like a wedge.

Step 2 Trim the hair on the back of the head

Trim the hair on the back of the head

Now start trimming the hair on the back of the head. Select a small section from the middle, hold it between your index and middle fingers, and use small scissors to cut the hair at a 45 angle. After trimming, take out a comb and comb this part of the hair to check whether it is neat and beautiful.

Because the wedge-shaped hairstyle gives people a very full feeling on the back of the head in terms of the overall shape, and this fullness does not come from the volume of hair, but from the layers, this requires trimming each layer, starting from the middle to the left and right. both sides.

Step 3 Trim the front hair

Trim the front hair

Start trimming the front two parts of hair. Take out a small spray bottle and spray some water for better trimming. The left and right parts of hair in the front are divided into inner and outer layers again. Use a three-bayonet knife to cut the inner layer of hair. Keep the cutting angle parallel to the chin. The same method is used for the outer layer of hair, but the length is slightly longer than the inner hair; the inner and outer layers of hair on the right also follow the above steps.

Always remember that the essence of Wedge Haircut is layering, don’t rush, be sure to trim in small amounts and often. 

Step 4 Blow dry your hair

We cut the general shape of a wedge haircut when it's wet, but the hair is completely different when it's wet than when it's dry. Apply a hair mask to your hair, grab it with your hands, and blow-dry your hair at low temperature.

Curl the upper hair

Step 5 Final improvements

Use a straight clip to curl the upper hair and trim the bottom hair on the back of the head into a "V" shape to complete the wedge hairstyle.

V shape wedge

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Wedge Haircut

1) Advantages:

For people with square or round faces, wedge haircuts can create the illusion of angles or stacking;

Wedge haircuts can lift flat, soft hair, increase hair volume and reflect personality;

It was modernized with a variety of styles to choose from, from sleek and sophisticated to messy and casual.

2) Disadvantages:

If you or your hairstylist don’t grasp the angle properly, your hair will look like a mushroom head!

The classic wedge haircut requires frequent trimming or styling products, which is more expensive to maintain. 

4. How to style A Wedge Haircut At Home?

If you want to maintain a wedge haircut, you need regular care. The key to a wedge haircut is to add layers to your hair, giving the look of fuller, thicker hair without being messy.

First, equip a small spray bottle in the bathroom, spray it on your hair every day after getting up, and try to keep it in a semi-wet state;

Secondly, use a cylinder comb to comb your hair from root to tip, wrap a small part of your hair around the comb, hold it there for a few seconds and then comb it down, and so on to the entire hair;

Thirdly, use a texturizing styling spray to add volume and texture to your hair;

Finish by grabbing the hair with your fingers for a casual, casual look.

5. Which Face Shape Is Suitable For Short Wedge Haircut?

Suitable for all face shapes and able to highlight cheekbones and other facial features, the Short Wedge Haircut has been modernized with more flattering layers and angles. It is popular with many young women, and people over 50 are also revisiting this hairstyle. After all, a wedge haircut is a hairstyle that makes your appearance look leaner and more polished.


Wedge haircuts are fashionable hairstyles worth trying. We hope our introduction can help you fully understand wedge hairstyles and keep trying to stay younger.

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