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How To Curl Your Human Hair Weave?

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Last updated Nov 6, 2022

Women love curls. The bigger the better! But what happens when your beautiful virgin hair curls decide to drop and never come back? Or you want to curl your straight hair but no amount of Curlformers, flexi-rods or curling wands will get you looking like this? So, how to curl your human hair hair weave, today we will share with you about this.

One of the advantages of wearing human hair weaves, or hair extensions are that you can perm, dye, and use heat styling tools on it just like your own hair. The hair also looks more realistic, unlike synthetic hair which often has a very shiny and overly perfect appearance. Curling your human hair weave is just as simple and quick as curling your own hair.

Now, we have two methods to curl your human hair weave. Let’s enjoy reading!

Method 1: Curl Hair Without Heat

Here are a few easy ways to add curl to your hair without using damaging heat:

1. Braid Your Hair

Wash your hair as usual, but don’t dry it. Simply pat it with a towel to remove the excess water, then comb through it carefully to remove tangles. Then braid your hair, either in one long plait or in several smaller ones. Let your hair dry overnight, comb out the braids the next morning and enjoy the waves.

2. Use a Hairband

Place a headband on the top of your head. Working with one section at a time, pin your hair up over the headband, using the headband as a holder for the hair. When you have it all pinned up, let it dry or sleep in it. The next morning you will have nice curls on the ends of your hair.

curly hair weave

3. Use Socks

You will need several long, clean socks. Draw up a section of hair and wrap it around the sock, working from the tip to the root. Secure the sock by tying the ends. Repeat until you have tied up all your hair, then let it dry.

4. Rollers

Old fashioned rollers can create gorgeous curls. Avoid sponge rollers, as they tend to pull the moisture out of the hair, as well as suck away the beneficial oils. Magnetic rollers, sponge types or those covered in satin work better.

5. Flexi-rods

These flexible rods are meant for your hair to be wrapped around, not inside them, like most rollers. These rods give you control over the size of the curl and can work well either wet or dry.

6. Bantu Knots

These knots can be used on wet or dry hair, and they are a style unto themselves, so you can actually wear these out in public! Then you can take them out when you want a different look.

7. Curlformers

These rollers come in many different sizes, so you can create the look you want, from very tight curls to big waves.

virgin curly hair

Method 2: Curl Hair With Boiling Technique


Set a pan of water on the stove. Add a little conditioner a few drops of oil, and bring to the boil.

Get a roll of foil, and shape it into rods. To do this, you cut the foil into medium rectangles and squeeze it into a rod. The size of the rod you make will determine the size of the curls. You could use your bendy rollers instead, but plastic can burn in the pot! I know good looking hair is a serious matter but we don’t want any house fires so I advise you use foil rods.

This works best on hair that is no longer than 16″. You can do this with most types of hair, apart from synthetic.

Step By Step

Step 1: Hold up the weave track that you would like to curl. Brush the hair out and separate it into sections about an inch wide.

Step 2: Roll the hair around with your fingers before you put it on the rod to keep things neat. This also creates that gorgeous spiral effect.

Step 3: Take the foil rod and roll the end of the hair on to the end of the foil rod. Fold the foil rod over to keep it secure.

Step 4: Wind the hair around the rod very tightly, you want no spaces. It should look a bit like a Bantu Knot.

Step 5: Do this till you get to the top of the tracks, where the weft is. Then use the end of the foil rod to wrap around the top of the hair you have just wrapped. This will stop it from unraveling in the pan. Then, repeat!

curly hair extensions

Step 6: Once all your hair is on the rods, put it in the boiling pan of water. Don’t be shy, just toss it in. Cover the pan and leave it for about an hour and a half to two hours.

Step 7: As soon as the hair is done, take it out carefully and put it in a towel. Let the excess hair soak out.

Step 8: When the hair is no longer dripping, put it on a hanger and leave it to air dry.

Step 9: When the hair is dry, take off the rods. Shampoo and condition or co-wash the extensions before installing.

Step 10: Install the hair. Congratulations, you're done. Enjoy your new wavy or virgin curly hair extensions.

Video Tutorials

This is just a quick video on how to achieve beautiful bouncy curls.

Warm Tips

Once you’ve determined what styling method will help create the curl look you want, make sure you know the proper procedures for curling your hair. However, also take into account these special additions tips that will help protect and serve your hair weave better.

  • 1. Use the lowest heat possible when hot curling.
  • 2. Contrary to what you’d do with your own hair, try to work in the largest sections possible.
  • 3. When roller setting, use rollers that won’t pull or snag your locks too much.
  • 4. Go light on holding products.
  • 5. Don’t pull too hard on your extensions as you curl them.
  • 6. Always curl human hair extensions while they are in your head, even when using clip-in hair pieces.

In the end, the key word is care. Virgin Indian Remy hair weaves are a serious investment in your hair and beauty, so always take the best care of them that you can – even when altering them a little!

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