How To Bleach Knots On A Wig?


Nowadays, human wigs are more and more popular due to the increase in beauty purposes. When the hair wig is tied to a lace base, there is a dark knot where each strand is secured. Bleaching or “lightening” these knots reduce their visibility, which in turn helps make the hair appear as if it is growing from the scalp. This article will guide you through the process of bleaching the knots on your human hair lace wigs.

However, as we all know, bleaching knots is not exactly a delightful task. It can be a gamble especially if you are inexperienced. But the bottom line is, bleached knots are a must. Unless you don’t mind those black dots on your forehead. We thought that it was necessary to give you a few tips on how to successfully bleach your knots. Whether you are bleaching a lace closure, lace frontal, or lace wig, we’re sure that you will find these tips useful.

Where Do The Knots Come From?

To produce a lace closure wig, the hair is made to be airy by every stand with a small needle on the lace. The hair strands remain safe through a knot on the lace. The knots might look like tiny particles that are hard to see. Some people don’t care about knots but it really matters to the closure. Ideal lace closure can be achieved in many distinct ways, and many experts have their own unique methods.

Why Should We Properly Bleach Knots On A Wig?

Knots are unavoidable parts of a lace wig. They help the hair strand stay securely on the lace. In fact, these knots are tiny, so it may be hard to see them. Some people can accept them, but some cannot because they may feel that others know they are wearing a wig.

Bleaching them can make the wigs look more natural by reducing these knots’ visibility. After that, the hair of wigs appears as if it is growing from the scalp. In terms of chemicals, this method changes the wig. For example, with black or dark brown hair, the knots will change into light brown color.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bleach Knots

The goal of bleaching knots is to make them less obvious and look as natural as possible as if they were part of our scalp. The effect of bleached knots is mainly that the hair grows from the person's scalp, giving a much more realistic appearance. The idea is that the knots that hold the hair are not visible to the eye.

The Advantages Of Bleaching Knots

  • The main benefit of bleached knots is that they will no longer be as obvious and will look natural.
  • Knots with the naked eye will be confused with the scalp because after being bleached, the color of the knot will fade.
  • This makes the origin of the hair look realistic.
  • In addition, after the knots have been bleached, the hair of the wig remains resistant.
  • The knot whitening allows us to eliminate the black spots that are in the root zone, after the hair implantation.
  • The hair root will not look dark and will become less visible to the eyes.

The Disadvantage Of Bleaching Knots

  • A disadvantage is that this treatment must be carried out very carefully.
  • It is not recommended to do very aggressive bleaching, trying to find a more natural look.
  • This process is done with chemicals that could damage the hair.
  • Exposure to this chemical process can shorten the life of the wig or hair prosthesis. If knots are exposed to aggressive bleaching.
  • It is a process that, when done the first time, must be done with patience and with the right materials. This so as not to ruin the effect we hope to achieve.
  • Black spots on the wig may weaken after bleaching.

How To Bleach Knots On A Wig?

Things You Need To Bleach The Knots

  • A good quality powder-based hair bleach (adjust quantity as per the coverage area)
  • 20 or 30 volume developer
  • Mixing bowl (plastic or glass)
  • 1-ounce measuring cup
  • Hair color applicator brush
  • Disposable gloves
  • Aluminum foil
  • Styrofoam head with T-pins and mount
  • The front closure or lace wig

Steps-By-Step Procedure For Bleaching The Knots

1. Tightly Secure The Wig

Spritz some water on the hair roots. This helps protect the roots in case the bleach seeps through the lace. Turn the wig inside out and secure it to the styrofoam head using T-pins. If it has baby hairs, make sure all the strands are secured well.

2. Prepare The Bleach

Put on your disposable gloves and mix the bleach and the developer. Follow the instructions on the product packaging for correct measurements. In general, the ratio should be 1:1 (one ounce each of bleach and the developer).

Stir the ingredients until the consistency turns thick and creamy. The mixture should not be runny. Otherwise, it may seep through the lace and affect the roots.

3. Apply The Bleach Mixture

Apply the bleach mixture around the entire front hairline. Swipe the brush gently and avoid pressing hard to prevent it from seeping to the roots. Leave the bleach on for 15-20 minutes. Watch the knots closely. The time may vary depending on the hair, so keep a close eye.

4. Rinse The Bleach And Wash The Hair

When the knots turn to your desired color, rinse the wig. You may use a purple shampoo to neutralize any brassiness. Apply a generous amount of conditioner, leave it on for several minutes, and wash off.

5. Dry The Hair

Squeeze the excess water with a towel and air dry the wig. You may also use a hairdryer to speed up the process.

The FAQ of Bleaching Knots

How long should I leave the bleach on my knots?

Leave the bleach on your knots until they are no longer visible. In most cases, you should leave the bleach on for 15-30 minutes.

Do you pluck or bleach knots first?

Bleach the knots first and then pluck. It’s best to bleach the knots first because some of the knots will be more resistant to the bleaching process than others. After the bleaching process, you may want to pluck those bleach-resistant knots.

Does bleaching knots cause shedding?

Bleaching knots can cause shedding because it weakens the hair’s internal bonds. Once those bonds are weakened, the hair is at an increased risk of shedding.

Can I bleach knots twice?

When the wig is natural black, it will be the exception to the rule and we can perform a knot bleaching a second time. But when the wig is dyed color, even dark color, we will not be able to bleach knots again.

It is only possible to do it once. This is the best recommendation to avoid damaging the hair quality of the wig. Too much chemical could significantly damage the hair of the wig or shorten its lifespan too much.

Important Tips About Bleaching Knots

  • Do not over-saturate your closure wig with bleach, as this could accidentally bleach the hair as well.
  • Make sure you pick the correct developer volume – we recommend working with 20 to 30 volumes.
  • The bleach mixture needs to be really thick, not loose.
  • Make sure all the baby hairs are brushed or pinned out of the way before you begin bleaching your wigs.
  • Make sure you apply enough bleach to cover all the knots.
  • Leave the bleach on until your knots turn a honey blonde color then rinse the bleach out.
  • Wash lace closure with a neutralizing shampoo to stop the processing of the chemicals from the bleach.


To get a natural hair look with the invisible hairline, bleaching knots is a must. Hope that the tip recommend is helpful for you in some way. And, with the right guidance and some effort on your part, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Besides, remember to take care of your hair wigs regularly to maintain their beauty and their quality for a long time. Considering everything you learned in this guide, do you think bleaching knots is worth the effort? Or would you rather go for a pre-bleached wig? Let us know in the comments section!

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