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How Often Should You Change Your Wig?

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Last updated Nov 5, 2022

More and more girls choose to invest in hair fashion, most of whom would like to purchase wigs to get different their favorable hairstyles. We know that nothing will be eternal. How often do you replace your wig? If you are wondering how often you should change your wig, maybe you can get your answer in this blog.

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How Long Does the Average Wig Last

There are two common kinds of wigs on the market of hair products, synthetic wigs, and human hair wigs.

Generally speaking, a human hair wig has better quality and is more durable than a synthetic wig, which can offer more longevity. Currently, hair wigs are mainly made of human hair. Synthetic wigs are made out of plastic or acrylic fibers that mimic hair. Due to the lower price and longer time to hold the style, synthetic wigs are also welcomed by some people.

Based on the premise that they get proper care in the process of daily use, the lifespan of a human wig is about over one year, and a synthetic wig can last up to six months. In addition to hair material, how long a wig can last also depends on the frequency and habits of using the wig. No matter which one you choose, the less you use, the longer it will last.

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When should I Replace My Wig?

Since the lifespan of a wig is affected by many factors, some people may wonder "when should I replace my wig?" We will tell you some problems that your wigs will suffer in the following. If your wig has these problems, which means it’s time to get a new wig for you.

1. The hair has tarnished

Do you remember what it looked like the first time you took out your wig from the box, it is extremely lustrous and shiny. Luster is one of the important signs of healthy hair. Just like our natural hair, our scalp secretes oil to protect our hair and make our hair look shiny. For wigs, you can apply some hair products to add luster. However, when you find that you have to use the products frequently to increase gloss, you can consider changing to a new wig.

2. It doesn’t maintain the style

As a synthetic hair wig, it has always been welcomed by people for its ability to maintain its style for a long time. If you buy a synthetic curly wig, then after you use it, it will still maintain the style of the curly hair. If you find that your synthetic hair does not maintain its style anymore, it means you need to get a new one.

The same goes for human hair wigs. They can be made into any hairstyle, but if one day you notice that styling your human hair wig is much more difficult than before and 0it is difficult to maintain the hairstyle you created, it has been frayed. You can consider replacing it with a new one.

3. The ends are frayed

If you wear a wig often, you will find split ends appear. Especially if prefer styling your wig with heat tools, such as hair dryers, curling irons, and hair straighteners, split ends will be more common. In fact, split ends are signs that the hair has been frayed. Under normal circumstances, trimming off the ends of the hair can remove frayed split ends. But if split ends have reached the middle hair or even close to the roots, you should change your wig.

4. The hair loss is obvious

When we comb a hair wig or our natural hair, there will be slight hair loss, which is very normal. In the face of hair loss, you can go to a hair salon to ask for help. They will add some fibers to the shedding areas. However, when you comb your wig, the amount of hair loss is so large that it can no longer be repaired, it would be a better choice to change one.

5. The wig cap is worn

At present, there are three types of wig caps, mechanical, lace, and a combination of mechanism and lace. Compared with lace, the cap made by machines is more durable, while the more lace the cap has, the more comfortable and natural it will be. You can choose it according to your preferences. If your wig mesh cap is damaged or deformed so that it can’t fit your head, it’s time to change it.


Only if you condition your hair wig properly, it will last for a long time. And the less you use it, the longer time it will last. You don’t have to change your wig frequently unless it has the above problems. If it is time to change it, don’t throw it away but donate it.

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