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How Much Is A Lace Wig Install?

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Last updated Apr 9, 2024

Wigs can help complete new looks and can also solve the problems caused by hair loss. In recent years, lace wigs have become more and more popular, not only because the craftsmanship of lace has become more and more sophisticated, but also because the lace of lace wigs has become more and more realistic. Make more people want to buy this wig. Ready-made or custom-made lace wigs have a certain price, but you can lower your overall costs by spending less on installation.

This article will explain where to install lace wigs, how much they cost to install, and how to reduce installation costs.

1. Where Can I Go To Install Lace Wigs?

1) Wig salon - If you want an exquisite and perfect look, you can choose a wig salon, because the people working there will have sufficient professional knowledge and skillful techniques, and will perform certain installations according to your situation.​

2) Personal stylist - Compared with a wig salon, the cost of installing a wig by a personal stylist may be lower. After all, there are no house rental fees and utility bills, and the income is personal income. However, it may be difficult to find a personal stylist, which requires an introduction by acquaintances.

3) Wig sales stores - buy wigs offline. Some wig sales stores will have specialized installers who can install the wigs for free after purchasing them. This is very convenient and you don't even have to look for them yourself.

4) Do-it-yourself installation - For those who are using lace wigs for the first time, you can find a hairstylist to help you complete the style. Later, you can learn how to wear the wig by watching installation videos on YouTube or professional wig websites and blogs. After practicing, you can complete it independently.

2. How Much Does A lace Wig Install Cost?

Generally speaking, if you install a wig at home, you only need to pay for the wig. If you want a more perfect hairstyle, you will also need to purchase some tools.

1) Tool fee $150


You need to purchase a hair dryer, makeup sponge, tail comb, wig head, bleaching powder, developer, and small scissors. These tools cost about 150$ in total. If you buy a wig at JuliaHair, you will receive a random mesh cap, makeup brush, eyelashes, and headband, it sounds like a lot to buy, and the total cost can already allow me to buy another wig.

But these tools can make the wig more fitting and realistic, and the items can be reused, although they cost more the first time. If you choose to go to a hair salon, you don't need to buy these tools because the installation fee already includes this cost.


2) Lace wig installation costs $200

If you go to a hairstylist, the installation cost will vary depending on the type of lace wig.

Lace front wig installation cost- You should pay around $180. The cost usually includes braiding the hair, affixing the wig to the head, and styling it to look natural, and some stylists will also charge based on the length of the wig.

Full lace wig installation fee - You should pay $220. Because the installation of a full lace wig is more troublesome than that of front lace, the charge is higher. The price of a good hairstylist installing a lace wig may reach $300.

In short, the cost of installing a lace wig for the first time is at least $150. If you ask a hairstylist to install it, it will cost $150+$200=$430. However, the installation cost will be reduced later, and you only need to buy the wig.

3. Tips To Reduce Installation Costs

1) Use coupons

To attract more new customers or retain old customers, many local salons and online wig stores will launch discounts or coupons on installation services during some important events. It can save you a lot of money, so keep an eye out for these deals.

2) Please keep wig items properly

If your current wig cap is in good condition, or the scissors and tail comb are not lost, you won't have to buy a new one, saving you time and money.

3) Use the correct products

Using the correct wig care products can help extend the life of your wig. It is recommended to purchase products such as sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and deep care products specially designed for wigs. They are gentle cleansers. It will not damage the integrity of the hair, and after washing the wig, it needs to be placed on the mannequin head to dry before wearing it.

4) Learn the method of installing lace wigs

If you are a person who likes DIY, you can learn how to install a wig at home when you have free time. Don't worry about resources. Just enter "wig installation video" on YouTube or TikTok and a series of content will appear. Practice more so that you can do it later. I was worried about not being able to find a hairstylist when attending important events, and I also cut down on expenses.

4. How To Install A Lace Wig At Home?

First, you can get one of the lace wig products at Juliahair. Once you receive the product at home, follow these simple steps to put on the wig:


1) Check every part of your wig to see if there is any abnormality. If there is any problem, please contact Juliahair’s customer service staff in time. They are online 24 hours a day and will solve the problem for you.

2) Distinguish the front and back of the wig.

3) Comb your natural hair into a braid or low ponytail.

4) Clean the hairline and use a cotton pad soaked in alcohol to clean away any remaining makeup or debris on the hairline.

5) Put the wig cap on your hair to create a smooth and flat surface, or you can put the wig directly on your natural hair.

If you are not wearing a hair cap, be sure to comb the lower corners of your hair and comb it back properly to avoid getting in the way of the wig.

6) Apply the glue appropriately on the forehead, the glue layer must be very thin, and press it gently to make it fit correctly with your skin. Juliahair's lace wig is equipped with a clip, so don't worry about it falling off.

7) Cut off the excess lace. Use sharp scissors to cut off the excess lace around the ears and hairline. Be sure to use small amounts and multiple times.

8) Gently loosen the hair to make it more natural and real.

5. How Long Does A Lace Wig Last After Installation?

Now that you know the cost of installation, you'll want to know how long it will last after installation, after all, it costs a lot of money. Generally speaking, lace wigs can last from 1 to 5 weeks after installation before being removed and reinstalled. Of course, the duration also depends on other factors, such as lifestyle, daily care, and work and rest schedules.

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