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Hot Dreadlock Hairstyles for Black Women

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Last updated Sep 7, 2023

Braided hairstyles always arouse the interest of others due to their unique beauty. Even though they've been around for decades, dreadlocks still attract a lot of attention.

What Is Dreadlocks Hairstyle?

Dreadlocks, also known as dreadlocks or twine braids, are hair that has been braided, rolled, and crocheted in the style of twine. It first appeared in hot Africa, mainly to prevent fleas, lice, and other insects from running rampant on people's heads. At the same time, because braided hair is much cooler than messy curly hair, it is gradually loved by most blacks. A culture has been formed so far.

How To Make Dreadlocks Hairstyle?

dreadlocks hairstyle

1. Prep your hair. Natural oils will make your hair braid smoother, so it's best not to wash your hair, and if you wash your hair, it's not recommended to add conditioner or any other products. And before you start, make sure your hair is completely dry.

2. Use a comb to divide hair into several small square areas. Each square of hair becomes a braid, and for a neater look, it's best to make each section the same size. Then use a small rubber band to fix the hair to prevent mutual interference.

3. Backcomb your hair. Select one of the strands of hair and use a fine-toothed comb to backcomb from the bottom up at a distance of about one centimeter from the scalp. Repeat the backcombing on the same section of hair several times until it starts to stand up and wrap around the roots. Continue adding the same amount of hair in one-centimeter increments until the entire section is towards the scalp. Secure the end with a rubber band.

4. Rotate the hair with both hands to make the dreads stronger. Use the same technique for each section of hair until all the hair has gone through.

5. Select three parts of the backcombed hair, twist them together by braiding, and so on, to complete the shape of the dreadlocks.

What's The Difference Between Dreads And Braids?

1. Desired hair length

When braiding, you don't need a lot of hair. As long as you have enough hair to twist and hold, you're good to go. But for dreadlocks, you need at least 4-6 inches of hair.

2. Service life

Dreadlocks can last up to 8 weeks, and removing braids is a time-consuming and tricky process; while braids can last 2-3 weeks, undoing braids is usually easy, just undo them from root to tip. If the braid is not untied for a long time, it will cause hair breakage and thinning.

3. Installation time

In some cases, it can take upwards of 12 hours to complete a single dreadlock. However, an experienced stylist can do dreadlocks in 3 to 5 hours. Braids, on the other hand, require at least 2 to 4 hours of installation time (natural braids)

4. Care and maintenance

Dreadlocks require little maintenance, and you won't have to wash them as often. Whereas braids require slightly more maintenance, it's still very laid back and straightforward, like oiling the scalp regularly.

5. Appearance

Dreadlocks and braids look very similar from a distance. Braids have more zigzags and look even from root to tip. Dreadlocks are curly looks that come in a variety of shapes (eg, wick braids).

Can I Use Wigs Or Bundles To Make Dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks can be divided into traditional dreadlocks and American dreadlocks. Traditional dreadlocks can be made with real hair or wigs and can be done without ironing, but they can’t be curled. American dreadlocks need to be made of pure real hair. If the length of your own real hair is not enough, real hair is also used for the extension part. It can be curled or dyed, soft and comfortable.

Where Can I Buy A Wig Or Bundles To Make Dreadlocks?

1. Offline store

If you have enough time to go out and choose, you can go to a nearby wig store to buy, just search wig store near me on Google, and there will be many stores. Due to store management fees and house rents, commodity prices in offline stores are often not very low. But if you buy from their store, they may style or cut it for you for free.

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2. Online store

With the progress of the times, online shopping has spread across all walks of life. Not only are there many types and low prices, but you can also see customer reviews on various platforms, and most importantly, you can also enjoy free overnight shipping.

Such as Unice, it can be said that it has become a household name. Having been in the wig industry for decades creating products and services that fit the brand, it has earned a lot of recognition. Luxury is the overall evaluation given to them by consumers, so Unice may be suitable for you if your budget is sufficient. And if you don’t have enough funds, you can consider Julia Hair. The price of the wig is quite affordable, and the quality of the hair is also guaranteed.

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