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Hair Transplant VS Hair Wig: Which One Is Better?

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Last updated Sep 7, 2023

For black people, not only men but also women, because of their living environment and their physique, their hair is scarce. Most people will choose wigs, but a small number of people may choose Hair Transplants because they are novel or want long hair. So which of these two ways is better?

Follow the editor today to learn the specific difference between Hair Transplant and VS Hair Wig.

What Is Hair Wig?

Hair wig weaves the hair in a special Foundation---- the material of the" foundation "is breathable and sweat-wicking, which is comfortable and has no side effects. They can be divided into synthetic hair and human hair.

Synthetic hair is generally made of animal hair and fiber, which is not natural to wear, while human hair, cut from people's heads, will give people a sense of reality and won't be easily seen as a wig.

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What Is Hair Transplant?

A hair Transplant is a kind of micro cosmetic surgery, which requires the injection of a swelling agent (Tumescence) to float the epidermis of hair follicles, extract healthy hair follicles with special equipment, and permanently transplant these hair follicles to any area of the scalp.

Generally, these hair follicles are selected at the back of the head. Some of the transplanted hair follicles will survive on the scalp and grow new hair smoothly, while some hair follicles will react, and bumps will appear in the hair transplant area, causing pain when touched.

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The Difference Between Hair Wig And Hair Transplant

1. Nature

If the wig is not properly installed, it will be directly seen as a wig; However, the current wig quality is very good, and it can match the hair. Hair transplant is of course the most natural, provided that doctors are skilled and hair follicles can normally survive on the scalp to help clients grow new hair.

2. Preservation time

Under normal circumstances, the wig can be kept for 3-6 months if it is worn frequently but properly cared for. A hair transplant is permanent, of course. However, it takes at least one month to recover after successful transplantation, and new hair can grow freely in the later period.

3. Price

Wigs are cheap. Even if 100% of the hair is actually made by people, a HD lace wig ,which can match the scalp, can still save a lot of money compared with a hair transplant, and it also allows customers to choose different styles.

Hair planting is expensive because it belongs to minimally invasive surgery. In addition to labor costs, there is also the cost of medicinal materials.


The above is about the difference between hair weaving and hair planting. It can be seen that they are very different. The most obvious thing is that after a hair transplant, the hair can grow and groom normally like your own normal hair, while hair weaving does not have this feature. A hair transplant is actually similar to a wig, but the technology is more advanced. Beauty seekers can choose one of the two methods according to their own needs.

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