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Best Funmi Curls Sew In Hair For Black Women

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Last updated Mar 20, 2020

funmi curls

Funmi curls sew in hair weave are the new arrival products in Julia hair mall. This is a new hairstyle among the sew in hair. Now Julia hair only sells funmi curl bundles, we don’t have the lace closure match with it. The curls are spiral curl which is very fashionable, pretty good. Let us see the details about the funmi curls.

What is funmi curl?

Funmi curl hair weave means the curls of the human hair bundles like a spiral. Compare with the loose and body wave the curls are small, but bigger than jerry curls or kinky curls. Funmi curls hair bundles are extremely high-quality remy hair without any chemical, no shedding, no tangle, no splits, and no lice. The funmi curly hair is soft, bouncy, shiny and glossy. People who wear it are really amazing to look, feel confident and beautiful.

overall funmi curls

How to use the funmi curls hair weft?

The way to use the funmi curly hair weft is the same as other hair wefts like body wave, or curly wave hair. Customers who buy it for sewing in a hair wig which is natural and comfortable.

Open the hair package when you get it in order to let the little smell go. The little smell is the spray for protecting your hair weave when it is shipping.

Sewing on the wig cap you prepare according to the hair tracks. After sewing the hair weft, trim the hair edge to keep a good shape or if you think it doesn’t need it.

What features of the funmi curls weave hair?

1. The hair is true to length. Even it seems small, that is because of the spiral curls. When you get the hair, you can stretch the hair and measure the length.

2. Each hair bundle's original weight is 100g. The hair bundle is divided into three parts which are convenient for customers to control the usage. In this way, it can reduce the waster of the hair weave and easy to control hair density.

3. The hair weft is double machine made which makes the weft durable, neat and tight. The hair shedding free. Because we use the steam to make the hair shape, so the hair cuticle is complete, which makes the hair bouncy and healthy hair luster.

4. The curls on the hair weave are very natural and smooth feeling. You can use it for about 6-12 months with proper care.

funmi curl details

How many bundles human hair funmi curls should I need for a head?

It depends on the requirements of the customer who uses it whether they like thick hair or thin hair.

For most customers, they think the hair the thicker, the better. But actually not, the hair density is proper for you is better. The effect for your wig is light and comfortable which makes you feel wearing nothing.

For the normal head, if you want your wig less than 20 inches, you can purchase 3 bundles. Because each hair bundle is 100g, the hair weight is fixed, the longer, the thinner.

If you want to have a long curl wig than 20 inches, you can buy 4 bundles deal which is enough for your head thick and full.

How to wash your funmi curls to keep the curls?

Customers were afraid that after washing the funmi curls, the curls will loose or missing. That is because you need to use the right way to wash it. Let us share with you how to wash the funmi curls step by step.

1. Open the hair weft lightly, comb it by wide-tooth comb. When you open the weft, please make sure you don’t twist the hair, or the weave will be matte. Comb the hair ends slightly, make sure the hair doesn’t shed and tangle.

2. Prepare warm water, put some hair shampoo in it, then melt the weft in the water, wait for few minutes, use your fingers grasp the hair till it clean.

3. Use the freshwater to make it clean, then apply some hair conditioner. Let the hair absorb the nutrition in it. Then wash it.
4. Let the towel absorb water in the hair, then dry it in the air. Please don’t use the hair drier which will make the hair dry and split. If you hurry, you can use it, but set a low temperature.

5. After the hair dry, you can spray some hair care oil to protect the hair avoid drying. Customers who often use the hair weave will know that, the hair leaves the vendor, there was no nutrition, so you need to make sure to protect it well, so the hair can be used a long time.

Knowing about the details about funmi curls, you will like the new hairstyle. New season, new you. Try to buy the best curls sew-in weave in Julia hair, now you can enjoy the big discount in tax season sale.

20% off for all the hair bundles without any discount

18% off for the wigs without any discount

If you want to purchase other waves, like body wave, straight wave, deep wave, or curly wave hairstyles, lace closure, lace frontal, wigs, lace front wig, fake scalp lace wig, or transparent lace wig, you can also check in Julia hair mall online. It won’t let you down, please grasp the chance to change beauty.

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