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Find Hair Color For Dark Skin Female

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Last updated Feb 1, 2024

Are you looking for a hair color that suits dark skin but don't know how to choose? Don't worry, we have collected some hair color knowledge to help you solve the difficulty of choosing, upgrade your appearance through color, and make your overall look more attractive.

There are many colors available for dark skin tones, but you first need to know if you have dark skin, and then understand the different shades of hair color.

1.How To Choose The Right Hair Color On Dark Skin?

1) Know Skin Tone: Knowing your skin tone is crucial to knowing which hair color will suit you.

2) Choose Hair Color: If you have fair skin, choosing a warm hair color will balance your skin tone. At the same time, if you have fair skin and a warm complexion, choosing a cool-toned hair color will give your skin a natural rosy look.For those with tan skin and warm undertones, opting for copper tones will give your skin a radiant glow. If your skin is a cool-toned tan, choosing a rich color like red or brown will accentuate your facial features.

3) Choose Professional Help: Because hairstylists are well-trained, you can get better color suggestions and more hair design options, or you can go to the hairstylist yourself with an online picture to complete it.

2. How Do You Know If You Have A Dark Skin Tone?

Color Chart Comparison

1) Color Chart Comparison: Comparing your skin to a standardized skin tone chart can help you determine whether you have light, medium, or dark skin.

2) Sunlight Exposure Test:Observe the skins reaction after being exposed to sunlight. If your skin burns easily but doesn't tan, you have fair skin; if your skin feels like it's burning, you have light skin. If your skin tans easily but does not burn, you have medium skin; if your skin tans with prolonged exposure, you have dark skin.

3. Different Shades From Based On Your Unique Skin:

Hair Colors for Warm Skin Tones

Honey Blonde Hair

1) Cold Brew:This delicious and dimensional warm brunette shade is perfect for every skin tone and is super low maintenance if you happen to have natural brunette hair.

2) Honey Blonde:Caramel blonde is perfect for anyone who wants to go blonde but doesn’t like super attractive looks, Rihanna has tried this shade on her long hair.

3) Dark Chocolate:You can't go wrong with this cocoa color for thick and soft hair. Add some caramel-colored lowlights to brighten the look a bit, and this look will work equally well in summer or fall for those with warm skin tones.

4) Strawberry Blonde:Strawberry Blonde combines blonde and red to create a shade that dazzles when paired with warm skin tones, it's cute, sweet, and instantly fall in love.

5) Rusty Copper:Warm golden undertones paired with red will add a pop of color to darker skin, without being too harsh or bold when the sun shines on it, giving you an effortless glow that will make you look special beauty.

Hair Colors for Cool Skin Tones

Lavender Hair Color

1) Lavender:The new millennial color, dye your brunette hair a soft lavender color. These cool-toned hair colors are edgier than your everyday warm honey highlights, and they look great on many skin tones.

2) Platinum Blonde:Starting with darker blonde roots and incorporating your desired bright hair color, platinum blonde will instantly boost your confidence and give you a real edge! Feel free to rock it when you're done!

3) Mushroom Brown Hair:While everyone else is opting for caramel and blonde, you can cool down with a box of mushroom brown, and you are sure to wow with this color!

4) Beige Blond At The Root:This hair color requires more communication with the stylist. Keep the hair black at the roots and the rest beige blond. Once successful, it will give your hair a light sandy color. If that's your purpose, then this is your shadow.

5) Ginger Color:Ginger combined with your dark skin will make you look charming and will leave people amazed! Choose this hair color at the beach to give you a hot look.

Hair Colors for Neutral Skin Tones

Grey Hair Color

1) Gray: Like pearls in the ocean or freckles on your cheeks, gray is unique. Gray is very easy to pull off for girls with dark skin with neutral undertones, and pairing it with a red lip will make things even better and show off that silvery face.

2) Mushroom Brunette: This modern style of brunette hair allows the hair to complement neutral tones, as well as give an icy look and combine it with traditional warm-toned brunette hair.

3) Light Pink: When you're not sure which fun hair color to choose, light pink is a sophisticated and feminine shade that suits every skin tone. It adds a soft, romantic feel to your look, from loose waves to stylish updos. This is a great option for those who want to add a subtle pop of color without going too bold.

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