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Everything You Need To Know About Bandana Hairstyle

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Last updated Jan 12, 2024

The use of Bandana in hairstyles has a long history, spanning different cultures and time periods. It has its roots in Native American culture. It began as a tool to keep hair in place, protect it from the elements, and as a symbol of cultural identity.

Later in the punk and rock music of the 1970s and 1980s, Bandana was seen as part of a rebellious, edgy look, with musicians and fans alike incorporating them into hairstyles as a symbol of nonconformity.

What Is Bandana Hairstyle?

Today, Bandanas are a popular accessory in a variety of fashion styles, worn around the head, neck or wrists. When used in hairstyles, bandanas can add a touch of style, color or vintage flair, and they can be incorporated into a variety of hairstyles. Some common Bandana hairstyles include using the Bandana as a headband, tying it into a ponytail or bun, or even wrapping it in a retro fashion.

Here are 8 Effortless Bandana Hairstyles To Try

1.Bandana+Bangs Curly Hair

Bandana+Bangs Curly Hair

Tie a nice turban on your forehead with curly bangs outside the turban. This hairstyle will draw attention to the bangs and visually separate them from the rest of the hair while being paired with soft makeup and a cute hangover. Neck tank top for a relaxed and feminine French girl vibe.

2.Bandana+Long Hair

Bandana+Long Hair

Wrapping long, textured hair in a scarf or headscarf looks cool. This look is like a street warrior and adds texture even to straight hair. All you need to do is wrap your hair in a turban from your right ear to your left ear, then tie the turban underneath your hair.

3. Bandana+Low Bun

Bandana+Low Bun

Don’t have time to style your hair? No problem – tie your hair into a low bun, secure it with a hair tie, wrap the turban from the top of your head and extend it to the bottom of the bun and tie it in a knot, and you’re done in just a few minutes. A messy loose bun paired with a textured floral headband is perfect for tight weekends or for brunch dates, picnics or beach vacations.

4.Bandana +Updo Afro Hair

Bandana +Updo Afro Hair

A bandana is the perfect accessory to pair with natural African textured hair, as African hair is somewhat fragile and a turban can protect your hair from the elements. Simply tie the bandana around your head and let the curls rise up. It's very simple and convenient.

5.Chic Bohemian Bandana

Chic Bohemian Bandana

Twisted bandanas are perfect with bohemian accessories, fold the bandana into thin strips and wear it on your head like a Bandana. A headscarf adds personality and a unique, stylish feel to a simple hairstyle. Try choosing a headscarf with a summery print, such as florals, watercolors or paisley, and pair it with bohemian jewelry like fringed earrings and stacked necklaces.

6. Monroe Curly Hair With Bandana

Monroe Curly Hair With Bandana

If you've never done a barrel roll before, the retro-glam Marilyn Monroe curls paired with a turban will blow your mind. Prepare the fringe section of hair with light hairspray, comb it smooth, then roll it toward your face with your fingers and secure a pin at the bottom of the roll. Secure voluminous curls with a strategically tied headscarf, folded in half and tied just above the hairline. Here a bright pink headscarf paired with red lips.

7.Bandana Braids

Bandana Braids

A bandana is a great hair tie. Tie your hair into a low ponytail. Tie your hair with the bandana. Then start braiding three strands. Use the hanging hair tie as a braid and braid it into your hair. It will make your ponytail look better. Braids look thicker, a headscarf adds some personality and style to your hairstyle, and simple outfits go with a hairstyle that isn't simple. If you have long hair, use a bandana for seamless application.

8. Knotted Bandana

Knotted Bandana

This look is very cool and stylish as it completely covers your head. It can reveal your three-dimensional facial features, or if your hair is very short, you can complete the look with a headscarf. Fold the scarf into a triangle, wrap the wide edge behind your head, and tie the outer ends in the middle of your head. Wear yours with a large top knot or bow. If you have long hair, tease some strands.

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