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Does Gayle King Wear A Wig?

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Last updated Jul 2, 2024

Gayle King is the hottest woman at the moment. This year she appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit edition, showing her 69-year-old beauty to the world. As soon as the cover was released, people were sighing that Gayle King still has such a good body line at this age.

Gayle King Sports Illustrated

In fact, Gayle King is a black woman. Her dressing style and hairstyle usually attract the attention of many black people. Gayle King has a long face, so she will try different hairstyles. From chin-length bobs and Thai hairstyles to jagged layered cuts on top, there are also hairstyles in different hair colors. However, because of his frequent changes in hairstyle, Gayle King was considered by some to be wearing a wig. In this guide, we'll tell you whether or not Gayle King wears a wig. 

Who Is Gayle King?

Gayle King is an American, born on December 28, 1954 in Chevy Chase, Maryland. She is a well-known American television personality, author, and contributing editor of "The Oprah Daily." As co-host of CBS Mornings in 2011, she has interviewed many famous figures, including former President Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan. In 2023, she co-hosted the weekly prime-time show "King Charles" with Charles Barkley. However, this year, due to various reasons, CNN has canceled charles barkley's weekly show with gayle king. But her professional work attitude and super adaptability still loved by many young people.

Gayle King and Obama

Does Gayle King Wear Wigs?

Although social media, quora, and reddit forums are full of speculation about her wearing a wig, Gayle King has not personally explained it. Because Gayle King is a black woman and often changes her hairstyle, it has caused a lot of speculation.

Even some people in the hair/wig industry are confidently claiming that Gayle King wears a wig or hair extensions without any real evidence or photos. However, while we are waiting for this answer, we can also take a look at the changes in Gayle King's hairstyle.

Oprah and Gayle's Friendship

Oprah and Gayle's Friendship

In fact, people are not only interested in Gail's hair, but also in Gail's relationship with Oprah Winfrey, both of whom are legends in the media industry - Oprah is A billionaire business tycoon, Gayle is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and a member of the Broadcast and Cable Hall of Fame.

The two met in 1976, when they were both in their twenties and just starting their careers working at WJZ TV in Baltimore. Gale also guest-starred on the iconic premiere season of The Oprah Winfrey Show, where the two had similar interests, road trips together, supported each other, and both slowly grew into television powerhouses through their own efforts. Both women are role models worth following.

Gayle King's Hairstyle Changes

The evolution of Gayle King's hairstyle is fascinating. The elegance and casualness are intertwined, allowing people to see different sides of Gayle King. Gayle King has a thin and long face and often chooses short hair with bangs in order to balance the overall face. But the color and curvature will be slightly different.

Gayle is usually more casual when attending events. She has natural highlight jerry curly hair with a few strands of bangs, which balances the long features of her face;

Gayle King highlight jerry curly hair

Gayle often chooses the classic ombre bob hair when hosting news programs, which exudes a mature temperament and integrates professionalism and elegance. At the same time, this hairstyle can make her face look delicate and smooth;

Gayle King ombre bob hair

Shoulder-length straight hair adds a youthful atmosphere. Gayle King chose this hairstyle when interviewing Usher before the 2024 Super Bowl. There was also an episode where Gayle King wanted to try on Usher's ring. Usher Without hesitation, he took off the ring and handed it to her, and knelt down on one knee to personally present the ring to Gayle King. This scene quickly became popular on the Internet. In fact, it was just a joke between the two.

Gayle King Shoulder-length straight hair

Gayle embraces various styles with ease, and her ever-changing hairstyles reflect not only trends but a dynamic and inspiring journey.


Gayle has great personal charm. She works hard and never gives up. At first, others laughed at her clothes and hairstyle, but she kept improving herself and trying again. Now, some people still imitate her outfits. You can take photos of the clothes and find them in the mall, and you can go to the barbershop to get your hair done. But if you don't want to dye your hair or don't know if this hairstyle is suitable for you, you can buy a wig and try it on first. JuliaHair provides 100% human hair, which is natural, affordable, and can be returned if you are not satisfied. The purpose is to help you achieve the desired styling effect.

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