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Do You Need a Curly Hair Wig?


curly hair wig

Curly hair wig is very popular among black women. They wear curly human hair wig to enhance their beauty. Do you need a curly hair wig?how to install a curly hair wig? Today we will share with you hair knowledge about curly hair wig.

What is a curly hair wig?

Curly hair wigs were made by jerry curl hair bundles with a lace closure or a lace frontal. Some hair vendors also provide synthetic hair curly wig, of course, synthetic hair wigs are not as good as real hair wigs. Jerry curl human hair wigs create a natural and wavy hair wig for black women. Because of the real hair, the hair color is natural color, there should be some gray hair, it is natural. The hair is not shiny and glossy as some of synthetic hair. But it is tangle free, no shedding with one direction hair cuticles. Customers prefer to human hair curly wigs.

Features of curly hair wigs:

1. Julia curly hair wigs are 100 human hair, no mix, the hair is soft and bouncy, natural color.

2. Jerry curls are tight, not loose, curly hair shape keeps well.

3. Pre-plucked hairline, very natural

4. Straps on the back of the wig cap, fit for customers’ head better.

5. Baby hair around, save the time to trim.

curly hair wig features

How many types of curly human hair wigs?

According to the hair texture, there are Brazilian curly hair wigs, Malaysian curly hair wigs, Peruvian hair wigs, and Indian hair wigs.

By the wig type, there are full lace curly hair wigs, lace front curly hair wigs, and machine-made curly wigs.

By the size of lace, there are 4x4 curly wigs, 5x5 curly lace wigs, 6x6 curly lace wigs, 13x4 lace wigs, and 13x6 lace frontal curly wigs.

According to the hair length, you can see long curly hair wig and short bob curly hair wig.

No matter which hairstyles you like, you can choose the most suitable for you.

How to install a curly hair wig?

1. Braid your own hair as flat as possible. This is the basic step for installing a wig, it will make your wig not slid off easily.

2. Wear a wig cap to protect your own hair, make the hair under the wig cap.

3. Put the curly hair wig on your head, adjust the position to fit your head. If you order online, please make sure your head size, so the hair vendors can make the suitable size for you. Normally the size is international standard around 21 inches to 23 inches. There is a band with clips, you can adjust the size of wig cap.

4. Apply the lace on your forehead after you put it on the right position. Cut the extra lace to make the hair edge natural.

5. Trim baby hair to make a natural hairline around. Make a hairstyle after your install the whole curly hair wig.

long curly hair wig

How to wash a curly hair wig

Before you wash the curly hair wig, please make sure to protect the curls on the wig.

1. Fill fresh water into the bin or a box, put the hair shampoo into the water then mix together.

2. Turn over the wig cap, let all the hair strands into the mix water, wait for 15 to 20 minutes.

3. Grasp the hair, let the finger go through the hair, make sure the hair is clean.

4. Clean the hair shampoo by water. Apply hair conditioner, please make sure don’t apply on the hair roots, or it will make the hair shedding from the lace. Wait for 2-3 minutes.

5. Wash the hair conditioner clean, absorb the extra water in the hair by a towel.

6. Dry it in the air, if you are hurry, you can use the blow dryer, while you need to make sure the temperature at low, or it will burn the hair.

short bob curly wigs

Do you need a curly hair wig?

Most people can have a try on curly human hair wig, one thing need think about your face shape, different face shape, maybe suitable for different hair wig styles. So you can try it on. If you are not sure which face you are, you buy it and try it. Julia hair vendor accept no reason return within 15 days. So please don’t worry, you can have a chance to have a try.

How to maintain the curly hair wig?

1. If you want to keep the curls completely, please use the wide-tooth comb. Wide tooth comb can keep the hair in good shape, comb the hair gently, or it will break the hair, make the hair tangle or matte.

2. Use hair conditioner after washing. The virgin hair leave the hair vendor, there is no nutrition or lost seriously. So you need use some olive oil or other hair conditioner to nutrition the hair. It can keep the hair glossy, shiny, and bouncy.

3. Keep the curly hair wig on the stand foam, so your hair can keep good shape. Hair care is very important for human hair wig, with proper care, it can last longer and keep well.

lace front curly hair wig

Let us see our customer install curly hair wig with baby hair by themselves:

Julia hair provides affordable curly human hair wigs, if you want to change your hairstyle you can purchase one curly hair wig. If you prefer others, you can choose straight hair wig, body human hair wig, or highlight lace wigs, they are fabulous and top selling in Julia hair store.

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