Colorful Wigs In The 2022 Autumn


The crisp autumn days are coming. Although we would like to hold on for a while on those lazy summer nights, we can't deny that comfortable pullovers, hot chocolate, and golden leaves crunch their own. Autumn is also a great opportunity to try new hair colors. Our wide variety of wigs makes it easy for you to get beautiful autumn hair colors.

To help you choose the color that suits you, we have compiled some of our favorite autumn hair color ideas to inspire you.

1. Balayage Highlight

If you are looking for something warmer but not red, then there are many choices! Long tassels and elastic curls make JuliaHair's water wave a delicious chocolate choice in autumn. It makes a perfect transition to winter with its softness. This wig is not only made of human hair but also comes with a lace wig. Therefore, if your goal is a natural appearance, then this wig is perfect.

2. Red, Red, Red

The wig needs red in autumn, and JuliaHair has a beautiful and bold auburn luster, with long layers and gorgeous side-sweeping tassels. If you are not sure whether separation is right for you, please don't worry!

Because this wig has a monofilament structure, it can be separated anywhere and still looks very natural. If you like to try all kinds of styles, they are very suitable for tall horses, and pigtails, or look perfect, thanks to their natural appearance.

3. Natural Black

Black hair is the deepest and most common color of all human hair in the world. Estimates show that 75% to 85% of the world's population have black or dark brown hair. Therefore, whenever you wear a black wig, it is natural and charming. Moreover, among all natural black wigs, the straight black wig is the most attractive.

When you put on a black natural lace wig, your long black hair is slightly lifted by the wind. With the beauty of the sunset, you gently stroked your flying hair. This kind of atmosphere brings its own aesthetic feeling, which is impressive.

4. Blonde Hair

Blondes are not unique to summer. A beautiful blonde is stunning all year round, instead of looking like a beach. This beautiful and elegant blonde hair, with its subtle flick and long layering. The natural roots prevent this style from looking too summery, and the warm low light offsets the excessive coolness of the lighter parts. It's a beautiful shape in autumn and winter!

5. Ombre

An Ombre wig from JuliaHair exudes exquisite flavor, injecting golden gold into the warm base, which is reminiscent of the comfortable caramel latte. The soft curve of the hair tail and the fringe of the side sweep create an illusion of summer tailoring, which comes out spontaneously. Because of the multi-tone of this wig, it is suitable for all skin tones.

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