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Body Wave vs Loose Wave:How To Distinguish

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Last updated Apr 9, 2024

There are many kinds of human hair products on the market, including straight hair, body wave, deep wave, loose wave, water wave, and so on. So what is the difference between body wave and loose wave? Read on to find out so you can make the best decision when buying.

1. What is Body Wave Hair?

Body wave hair is not too straight and not too wavy, owning an “S” pattern and consists of numbers of “S” in one bundle. Body wave hair is also easygoing with hair restyling like cutting curtain bangs or so on.

Ombre Body Wave Hair Bundles

2. Pros And Cons of Body Wave Hair


1) Can be straightened or curled freely;

2) Very easy to maintain, it won't fall off or get tangled more easily;

3) Shiny and soft, very smooth when touching hair bundles;

4) Can be colored at will;


It will not hold curly hair very well, for example, once you lose your curls you will only get the straight hair look;

3. Details of JuliaHair Body Wave Hair

Hair material: 100% virgin hair, without adding any other harmful chemicals when sewing

Hair quality: tangle free, no shedding, soft and bouncy

Color: black, ombre, 1b/30, reddish brown, 613

Price: $75-$200

Weight: 1-4Pc,95-100g each bundle

Lengths: 8-28 inches

4. What is Loose Wave Hair?

Loose wave hair consists of tight curls of great size that are neither too tight nor too straight with a natural volume.If body wave makes you look so feminine, then loose wave hair.

Black Loose Wave Hair

5. Pros And Cons of Loose Wave Hair


1) High-quality hair;

2) looks shiny;

3) Feature-defined curls;

4) Does not require any additional styling tools;


You can't bleach yourself.

6. JuliaHair Loose Wave Hair Details

Hair material: made of human hair, bouncy and thick

Hair quality: tangle free, no shedding, soft and bouncy

Color: black

Price: $60-$280

Weight: 1-4Pc,95-100g each bundle

Lengths: 16-26 inches

7. The Differences Between Body Wave And Loose Wave


Body Wave

Loose Wave

Curl Pattern Bigger and looser Design more loosely
Strands Design more closely Smaller and tighter
Voluminous Less More
Versatility Worse Better
Elasticity Less bouncy More bouncy
Curl time Easier to straighten Long curl time

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