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What Is The Best Way To Wash a Human Hair Wig?

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Last updated Mar 20, 2020

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Wearing a human hair wig is a fashion trend for African American women. How to keep your hair wig long last is a question for all the customers who wear human wigs. The proper way to take care of the 100 human hair wigs is no doubt that the most important thing. How to wash a human hair wig is the most important point. Today let us share with you about what is the best way to wash your lovely human hair wig. In this essay, you will get:

The preparation before washing a human hair wig.

Steps for washing a human hair wig.

How to dry a human hair wig.

Where can buy the real human hair wig virgin hair.


Before we wash the human hair wig, we should know why we need to wash it. Here are the reasons:

1. Washing can keep your wig soft, shiny, glossy, and beautiful.

2. Effectively reduce the stretching and damage to the wig cap.

3. The hair should be tangle-free, less matte, less shedding.

4. Rebuild your hair luster.


Ok, let’s start!

Preparation before washing a human hair wig.

After wearing your hair wig for a while, it will dirty and greasy. You need to wash it to recover the glossy and shiny. The tools requirement are:

Wig stand foam

Wide-tooth comb

Human hair shampoo

Human hair conditioner

Absorbing water towel

body wave human hair wig

Steps for washing a human hair wig

1. Comb your hair wig from the hair ends by wide-tooth comb. Reduce the tangle and matte at the ends of the hair. Comb it till your finger through your hair smoothly.

2. Rinse your human wig into the warm water with hair shampoo. Put some hair shampoo into the lukewarm water, then rise your wig. Please don’t soak or rub your weave hair, or it will change to easily break and tangle.

   Use your fingers to grasp the hair till it is clean. If your hair is curly hair wig, please don’t grasp it, or it will make your wig tangle terrible. You need to do the massage on the hair gently, try to use the wig net on to avoid the curls loose.

3. Fresh the hair wig with warm water till it clean. Then absorb the water on the hair to half dry, apply some hair conditioner on the hair. Wait for 3-5 minutes, let the hair absorb the nutrition in the hair conditioner.

4. Wash the hair wig from the roots to the ends. Please don’t grasp the knots on the hair, or it will make the knots break and the hair shedding.

How to dry the human hair wig?

After you wash the human hair wig with the clean water, first, you should absorb the water by the towel. You had better not twist the hair, or it will make the hair split and matte.

Then put the hair on the headstand foam, let the wig dry in the air. Spray some olive oil to keep the hair glossy and shiny. Use your finger to make some curls if you like which are natural in this way.

The headstand foam will keep the wig in a good shape. If you put someplace casually, the hair shape will not as good as before.

Knowing about how to wash the human wigs is one step of maintaining it if you want to keep the hair wig using a long time and as a new one, there are many of the hair care knowledge that should know. Julia hair will share with you gradually.

Customers will be questioned where can they buy the 100 human hair wig, now let us share with you

where to buy the real human hair wig virgin hair.

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