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Bald Cap Method-Everything You Need to Know

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Last updated Apr 10, 2024

Want to know about bald hat laws? Please read the article! This article will provide you with detailed instructions on the bald cap method and tell you everything you need for a perfect application.

1. What Is Bald Cap Method?

The bald cap method involves wearing a wig cap to look like your actual scalp. The cap method is one of the cleanest and most natural ways to install a lace wig. It is mainly used for lace wigs, lace closures and full lace wigs. If done correctly, this method has everything you need to help your scalp and wig bond so perfectly that you'll fall in love with it.

2. Preparation

Hair dryer, hairspray, bald cap + wig (HD wig cap), small scissors, liquid foundation

3. How To Put On A Bald Cap?

1) Choose a clean, well-lit place and give yourself enough space. Arrange your preparations neatly in front of you and make sure you have a large, well-lit mirror if you are applying makeup.

2) Flatten the hair and fix it. Braid your hair into cornrows or a low bun so that the ponytail will stick out from the bottom of the back of the cap.

Wear a bald wig cap

3) Wear a bald cap. Pull the bald cap down so that the hat falls above the eyebrows while completely covering both ears. Use a small pair of scissors to slowly trim the front of the cap. The edge of the cap should always be at least half an inch from the hairline. Try not to trim the hat. The front edge is too much. Next, mark a line from just below the top of the ear to the earlobe, and trim the bald wig cap along the marked line. Remember to be careful not to hurt the ears when cutting, and at the same time, slightly trim the sides and back of the neck.

4) Make baby hair. Use an edge brush to tease out natural baby hair before applying hairspray.

cut-excessive lace

5) Apply a thin layer of hairspray to the bald wig cap at the front of the hairline, around the top of the ear, making sure to apply it where you want the edge of the cap to be, and don't get it on your natural hair. Use a hair dryer to blow dry the hairspray until it is 100% dry and transparent.

apply foundation on wig cap

6) For best results, please apply foundation on the bald wig cap, this will help you create a more natural look, wear the purchased human hair when finished. If you are wearing a 13x6 lace wig, you may want to apply foundation all over your forehead. If you're wearing a 4x4 closure wig, just focus on where the lace is showing at the top of your head.

7) For final finishing, use setting powder to set makeup, which can prevent makeup from fading and extend the life of makeup.

4. How Long Does A Bald Cap Last?

The duration of a bald cap is generally more than 8 hours, but the duration may vary depending on the suitability of the scalp, the type of wig, and the technique used when wearing the wig.

5. Can People Without Hair Use The Bald Cap Method?

Of course. Many people with complete or severe hair loss will ask this question: Is it necessary to wear a wig with a bald head? Are wig caps any good for people without hair?

If you wear a wig directly, your scalp may be irritated and bruised, and the wig cap provides a natural protective barrier for the scalp, allowing the scalp to breathe freely and making the scalp softer; if the wig is worn directly on the exposed scalp, it will It may slide around your head, and the wig cap provides a layer of friction to help the wig grip. A wig cap can also smooth out any unwanted bumps caused by the natural hair underneath the wig. This allows the wig to sit better on the head and provide comfort.

6. Hd Lace Wig

JuliaHair hd lace wig

If you want to buy both a wig and a cap, it is recommended to directly buy a wig using the bald method - HD lace wig. It uses an imperceptible ultra-thin lace mesh cap, which is light and breathable for better air circulation. And reduce discomfort; the color of the mesh cap is very similar to the scalp, giving the illusion that the hair is growing directly from the scalp.

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