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Last updated Aug 1, 2023

Do you need ideas on how to do your back to school hairstyles? Not with me by your side as I will help you get back-to-school ready! Apart from the back to school makeup looks that you’re probably thinking about right now, your hairstyle is also detrimental to pull off any look! May be our Julia hair and beauty online is your best choices.

Julia Hair Mall is an online human hair shop which offers a range of Virgin hair, Brazilian hair, virgin Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair bundles in different styles like body wave, deep wave hair, curly hair and multiple colors in order to cover the customer's needs.Julia hair is committed to provid the most cost-effective natural root-to-tip human hair products to everyone all over the world. let’s look at some hairstyle below and which hair types could be suited for your back to school.


1.Beautiful Body Wave

Body wave is a loose type of curl that looks very natural and it flows nicely. It’s not completely straight but it’s also not too curly. The only problem with getting a body wave is that the curls start to relax and almost disappear over time. But it’s still a great option if you’re bored with your straight hair or if you have natural curls that need a bit of styling and rejuvenation. You can also liven up your natural curly hair with body wave extensions that are long-lasting and add a real boost to your hair.

2.Graceful Loose Wave

Loose wave is similar to body wave in texture because it’s a very loose curl. The difference between body wave and the loose wave is that loose wave doesn’t flow in one piece like body wave, it’s looser like the name says. It is made by using a larger roller and that’s the reason why it’s so loose and soft. It has a great flow and it can be used on different hairstyles. Since loose curls can be relaxed over time, proper care and maintenance are extremely important. Moisture is the key to protecting your curls.

  3.Elegant Deep Wave

This hair texture flow is smooth waves, but they are much deeper than body wave and that results in tighter curls. Deep wave is a great texture that looks really luxurious and boosts your hair. Again, proper maintenance is paramount. But if you want to just add to your natural curls, deep wave extension can really make a difference and add to length and thickness of your curls.

  4.Romantic Straight Hair

Straight is the most simple hair texture; it’s classic and usually looks great on everyone. It’s very easy to style, maintain, and take care of. The best thing is that you can change hairstyles easily and play around with it to get new looks on a daily basis. A lot of people with naturally curly hair want to have straight hair because curls are often hard to style.

5.Sexy Jerry Curl

Jerry curly hair is a type of curly hair that also has a torsion twist and the hair basically turns around itself. Despite looking very strong, jerry curly hair is actually pretty fragile and often dry and requires a lot of maintenance and special care. It looks so cool, sexy and stylish. The main problem with getting those tight curls is that you need a lot of hair because it can reduce your hair length by more than a half!

6.Appreciation Braids

The best thing about braids: There are so many ways you can wear them. Rock yours in a chignon, wrapped around a topknot or even upside down.Beautiful long singles braids that are sweet and sassy. Be prepared to be the start of many conversations among friends and people in passing.Get creative and try these stunning braids styles back to school you need a change.

Back to school time is a big day!Would you like to make it be an extra special day?Plan ahead with your dresser and makeup, especially for your hairstyle. Now, we are holding an activity for the cute girls.My dear old customer, hope everything goes very well, and thanks again for your support of Julia mall hair. Here is a good news inform u --Julia hair will have a BACK TO SCHOOL PROMOTION:

5$ off if order more than 99$, coupon code:school5

8$ off if order more than 169$, coupon code:school8

Do u want Yourself or your Girlfriend be a most Shining Girl when She back to School? Julia hair will help u Finish this Dream Easily! Julia hair Shop holding the big activity for you on Aug.7th-Aug.14th. Head back to school for your unique beauty. Come on!!! We are waiting for you, don’t miss this chance.

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