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Spring Hair Trend in 2022

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Last updated Mar 11, 2022

Spring hair is something that all the ladies who follow the trends are talking about right now. Once the cold season passes and the season of sun and flowers are ready to take its place – all women wish to change.One of the best hairstyles from HairTok recently is the Olaplex bun. However, a light bun with a central part is not the only popular hairstyle in spring. Although applying adhesive repair to your hair can make you create the smooth bun that stars like Rihanna, it will also do some harm to your scalp. Whether these celebrities are directly influenced by TikTok or not, it is hard to ignore the fact that super fashionable hairstyles have spread all over Fashion Week and the red carpet. Therefore, it is suggested that you can use some wigs to complete your styling.

A lace front wig is a good choice. Its hair is tied into a thin, almost invisible lace material at the front hairline by hand. This feature produces a very natural hairline because it gives people the illusion that hair grows from the scalp and can provide you with a unique artistic makeup. This kind of wig is also resistant to high temperatures and feels good, which will give you different feelings. Here are two hair buns on the 2022SAG red carpet.

Demi Singleton's waist-long braid

Although gel or hair oil is usually used to achieve a smooth and non-flying effect, Ursula Stephen, the hairstylist of Singleton, keeps the final ending in mind when preparing the actress's hair. She daubed the Steampod Flatiron stylist of L'Oréal Professionnel on Singleton's hair, then separated it and knitted it, and then finished the styling with some Living Proof No Frizz Vanishing Oil to get extra moisture and luster.

The afterwaves of Zendaya

Let Zendaya show you how to comb your hair back from your face without getting dirty. Spider-Man: For the premiere with no way to go home, the actress gave her waves a deep side, and then applied gel to the front behind her ears.

Here are several hair buns and their making methods.

1. Big stuffed bun

This appearance is very suitable for girls at night. But please remember: when you want to be so full, you will need a little help from dirty hair and reliable dry cleaning shampoo the next day. First, pull your hair into a ponytail, and then texture it with a healthy dose of dry cleaning shampoo or rich spray. Then, create the appearance by wrapping small or medium-sized parts of hair into a bun and fixing them in place.


2. Side bun

Another simple but still chic appearance, even if there are some wrong hair that is not suitable, can remain delicate. Select one side for you, and then sweep your strand behind the other ear. Tie your hair into a relaxed ponytail in your hand. When you are satisfied with the position, twist the ponytail into a bun. Fix both sides all the time and lock them in place with thick hair gel.


3. Messy sock bag

Think of it as something more casual in the upper sock bag-and it's still easy to copy. Similarly, you will need a sock bag or bread form. First, use abundant spray or dry cleaning shampoo to add texture to your hair. Then turn your head over, tie your hair into a high ponytail, roll down your bun and pull out as many pieces as possible-the messier the better.


4. Woven bun

The best part of this kind of appearance (except how chic it is) is that it works better on hair that hasn't been washed for several days. Loosely tie your hair into a low ponytail, and pull a few around your head to soften your appearance. Weave a ponytail into an inch braid. Secure each one with a transparent elastic band, leaving a tail about one inch long on each one. Wind the braids into a bun and fix them in place.


5. Wavy and loose bun

For loose and messy headwear, start with naturally curled hair (or hair curled with a wide hair curler), pull the hair into a high ponytail, and twist it into a bun with a pin. After the hair is erected, rub it with your fingertips, and then use hair gel to complete the styling.


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