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Silk Press Hair Care: Everything You Need to Know

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Last updated Sep 7, 2023

1. What Is A Silk Press?

A silk press is a method of straightening naturally curly hair without a chemical relaxant. Instead, this hairstyle design technique uses hair dryers and flat irons to smooth hair. Although it is easy to think that the silk ironing machine for natural hair is the same as the traditional perm and curl, this style raises the stakes.

The silk press is all about applying less heat to your strands to make your mane move, your body, and your shiny finish-without the heavy and stiff hair appearance, you can get standard pressing and curling.

Silk Press Hair

2. Silk Press And Flatiron: What's The Difference?

In short, the biggest difference between screen printing and ironing is that the former is a modeling technology, and it is a tool used to implement the technology. Iron can help straighten your hair for silk screen printing, but in order to have movement and size, silk screen printing will need other tools to complete styling.

Afro Curly V Part Wigs

3. Everything You Need To Make A Silk Press At Home

Moisturizing shampoo;

Deep conditioner;

Thermal protectant;

Rat tail comb;

Flat iron;

Hair dryer;

Light hairspray;


4. How To Make Silk Press?

Read on, and we will guide you through the correct steps on how to screen like a professional.

Step 1.Clean your hair. We know this is self-evident (so it doesn't hurt to say it), but it always starts with freshly washed hair. You can use some serum or coconut oil to moisturize your natural hair.

Step 2. Use a leave-in conditioner, distribute it evenly on your hair, and then comb your hair section by section. It can help soften your strands and provide smoothness for the seamless untangling process.

Step 3.Apply heat protection agent. As this style requires the use of heat setting tools, you need to use a heat protection agent to protect your strands, which will help calm the short temper, lock the gloss and protect your hair from heat damage.

Step 4. Separate your hair, divide it into two even parts, and fix the upper part with a hairpin. Then, divide the bottom layer into two other parts and cut off one of them.

Step 5. Blow-dry your hair, connect the concentrator nozzle to the hair dryer, and dry your hair with a brush to ensure that it works from the root to the end. Repeat this process on every part of the hair until the hair is completely dry.

Step 6.Press your hair Make a part about one inch in size to evenly distribute the heat of the flat iron on the hair. Start near the root and slowly iron your hair all the way to the end, so that every pass counts.

Repeat this operation on one-inch long hair, and thread a flat iron through each hair until you have a silky mane.

Step 7.Use hairspray and seal the style.

5. Benefits

Friendly to naturally curly hair;

Shake, curl and straighten hair easily;

The curling mode will not change for a long time;


Potential thermal damage;

Need special hair care;

Silk Press Kinky Straight Wig

6. How To Maintain Silk Press?

(1)Protect your hair at night Divide your hair into about one-inch parts at night. Take the end of one part, tuck your hair on a finger and roll it up until you reach the root.

Fix it with a hairpin and repeat until your mane is full of pin curls. Cover your hair with a silk or satin scarf and everything is ready.

(2)Stay away from heat sources Too much heat will counteract the moisture content of your mane and make your hair stiff.

(3)Avoid water Please pay attention to water, steam and sweat when you use the screen printing machine.

(4)Give your styling products a rest There is no need to add additional hair care products to your hair on your silk press. Too many products will make your hair look and feel heavy.

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