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Jet Black vs 1B vs 2 Hair Color: How To Choose


The most common hair colors are 1, 1B, and 2. At first glance, they may all look the same. But there are some key features that can help you distinguish the three.

In this article, we will tell you exactly their differences so that you can choose the best color for your next wig, bundles style, or human hair installation.

hair color chart

What Is Jet Black Hair Color?

Black, which can be replaced by the number 1, is the deepest black you can find. It's a standard natural hair color. It's cool, with a subtle blue background, creating an almost otherworldly effect.

Black is a rich color tone, usually very shiny and so dark that it looks unnatural to most people.

What Color Is 1B?

1B is the second darkest hair color. B in 1B represents black, while #1 indicates that it is the first tone of natural black.

Compared with dark black with a very rich hue and deep quality, 1B looks more natural than black strands. This is a softer shade and the most realistic choice for women with natural black hair.

1B Hair color is the natural color of black. We can call it gray-black, which is the closest color that natural hair can achieve to black.

1b Water Wave Human Hair

What Is 2 Hair Color?

Unlike #1 and 1B, #2 color has dark brown hair. Although it looks black from a distance, you can see subtle brown tones at a close distance. It is one of the most natural dark colors, and it has a warm feeling that the real black color does not have.

For many women, #2 color hairs will fit their natural hair color better than black or black hair.

2 Body Wave Human Hair Wigs

Black Hair Color With 1B: Difference

Dark is dramatic and may look unnatural.

1B, on the other hand, is a natural, more subtle black.

1B Hair is more generally pleasing, while dark black will wash away paler skin tone.

1B And 2 Hair Color: Difference

1B is darker than #2.

1B human hair is usually unprocessed, while #2 human hair extensions are usually processed.

1B hair usually has color changes, while #2 hair does not.

How to Choose Between Jet Black, 1B, and 2 Hair Color

1. Find out whether the quality of the wig is important

Black hair is usually treated to create a uniform color. To get the highest quality human hair wig, please stick to 1B.

Remember, this only applies to human hair wigs and hair extensions, because all synthetic hair is treated.

2. Accord with skin color

Usually, the darker your skin is, the more attractive your dark hair is. Similarly, lighter skin tones should stick to gray-black to brown hair. Wearing the wrong shade will highlight flaws and conflict with your skin color. If you want to create an avant-garde or eye-catching look, you can ignore this rule.

3. Match your eyebrows

If you want your hair to match your eyebrows, please choose 2 or 1B. Black will make your eyebrows look lighter than they are now, and look more unnatural in comparison.

4. Match your hair color

Take a walk in the sun and check your hair. If your hair is really black, choose the color of 1B. If your hair is black with a hint of brown, then 2 hair colors are your best choice.


At first glance, dark black, 1B and 2 hair look similar, but choosing the right shade will help you get the desired look.

We hope this article will help explain some differences between the three and help you determine which one is right for you. You could also try on hundreds of different hairstyle looks sitting right at your home. Try on hairstyles 2022 at has different colored wigs, such as honey blonde wigs, ginger brown wigs, highlights wigs, and ombre wigs.

Remember, although there are general guidelines to help you make a decision, in the end, you should choose the color that satisfies you!

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