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How to fix the wig when dancing

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Last updated Mar 31, 2022

If you are a wig lover and like dancing. However, how to keep the wig from loosening is a problem. In this article, I will introduce three ways to fix wigs, hoping to help you.

Method 1: Wig Clip or Wig Cap

The best way to fix a wig is to use a wig clip or wig cap when dancing. It is very suitable for all people who have natural hair under their wigs and those who have no hair. In fact, I often use wig clips as a temporary solution to make my wig smaller. If your hair is short or thin, this method works well. In addition, it is very easy to install the wig clip or wig cap. When you dance, you sweat a lot, so try to choose a wig grip or hat made of breathable material. In addition, please choose products with adjustable shoulder straps, so that you can easily tighten the wig a little while dancing.

Detailed steps

Step 1: Fix all the hair on your head. For example, use gel or hairspray to smooth loose hair on the head.

Step 2: Put the wig clip on the hairline. If you use a wig hat, just wear it from front to back. Then, adjust the size with the Velcro tape on the back.

Step 3: Put on the wig and adjust the position of the grip; First, start at the front of the wig, then at the side and bottom.

Step 4: Shake or move the head from side to side to ensure the wig is firm. If the wig cap or handle is too loose, please remove the wig and repeat the above steps.

Method 2: Wig belt

Wig tape is a kind of double-sided tape, which can firmly fix the wig on your head when you dance. If you are eager to have some cold dances with your partners, such as gentle ballroom dancing, salsa dancing, and belly dancing, then the lace should be enough. Try to buy a wig belt with sweat-resistant lining; It is easier to use and more comfortable.

Detailed steps

Step 1: Wipe the cotton ball soaked in alcohol along the hairline, clean the skin, remove oil or dirt, and make the tape stick better.

Step 2: Protect the skin from the tape with a new cotton ball, and apply a thin layer of liquid aid on the skin below the hairline. If your skin is sensitive or perspires heavily, be sure to do so.

Step 3: Cut the tape into small pieces, so that it is easier to stick on the skin near the hairline; Try to leave no space between each tape part. Start at the front of the head and move to the nape of the neck.

Step 4: Remove the top layer of adhesive tape (it will be easier if you use tweezers). Put the front of the wig on the tape to ensure that all the wig tapes are covered. Press hard to put pressure on the wig and tape to further fix them.

Method3: Wig glue

Wig glue is a very safe method, which can be used to fix wigs when dancing. If you like things involving many movements, hip-hop, pole dancing, and choreography. Wig glue may be your best choice. Just be very careful not to apply glue to the edges. In addition, sensitive skin should be carefully selected. At present, some wig adhesives on the market are suitable for sensitive skin and some are not. Tip: Every time you take off your wig, please be sure to remove all the wig glue to protect the hairline.

Detailed steps

Step 1: Clean the skin with alcohol to remove all dirt, cosmetics, or grease


Step 2: Apply a thin layer of wig glue on the hairline with cotton swabs (according to the instructions of different products, sometimes you may need to let the wig dry before you put it on).

Step 3: Put on the wig in the following order: first the head, then the side, and finally the back. Step 4: Gently press the wig for a few minutes, so it is safer to wear it on your head.

Three Wigs Suitable for Dancing

1.Glueless Headband Wig

headband wig

2.Super Fine Lace Front Wig

lace front wigs

3.Affordable V Part Wig

Vpart wig

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