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How to do ombre hair?-The article helps you

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Last updated Mar 22, 2023

Ombre's hair won't go anywhere. Whether it's blonde, brunette or bright red, soft gradient is one of the most popular hairstyle requirements in the salon. Few hair trends are more fascinating than gradients, and we have all the skills we need to ensure that fading is flawless. Please read the following contents, it help you achieve ombre color hair.


Get started

1. Choose your color.

You should choose a color that matches your natural color. The usual choice is light brown, red/auburn or golden shadow. There are two types of ombre: traditional and reverse. The color of the traditional ombre at the tip of your hair is lighter than that at the root, while the reverse ombre has a deeper tip and shallower root. Choose a shade that is two shades lighter than the existing hair color.

2.Decide where you want the fade-in to stop.

As important as color selection is the intersection of natural color and dyed color. The lower the hair when two people meet, the safer it looks. If the two colors meet too high, you risk looking like a root that has already grown, instead of a beautiful gradient.

3.Comb your hair.

Make sure there are no tangles in your hair. This step will make it easier to use bleach, but it will also help you ensure that your hair is evenly colored.

4.Wear overalls or old T-shirts.

In this process, you are likely to get bleach or dye on your clothes. You can change it into an old T-shirt.

5.Put on gloves.

Gloves usually come with a dye kit, but if not, you can simply use ordinary rubber or latex gloves. Remember, it is very important to wear gloves when dyeing or bleaching hair. The bleaching agent will irritate your skin and cause a burning sensation.

Bleach your hair

1. Mix your bleach.

You can choose to use golden hair dye-it's safer for your hair-but it won't enhance so many colors, so your final result will be more subtle. Always mix the bleach in a well-ventilated place to avoid inhaling too much smoke.

2. Divide your hair into several parts.

Divide the hair from the middle and split it into two halves. Then, divide the two halves into any number of parts. At least, you should divide each half into two halves and divide your hair into four equal parts. Comb the hair around the area where you want to start the gradient. Combing your hair in this area will help prevent obvious lines or dividing lines where you use bleach.

3. Select the utility.

If you are using a dye or bleach kit, you will probably be provided with a small brush to apply bleach. If not, the best choice is to use a smear brush. You can find these are your local beauty shops. Alternatively, a similar soft brush can also be applied well.

4. Start bleaching your hair.

A bleaching agent is added from the end until the required fading line is reached so that all strands are evenly coated with brightening products. Let the bleach set. According to the lightness of your hair, you need to leave the bleach anywhere for 10-45 minutes.

5. Wash off the bleach.

Wear gloves and rinse bleach with warm water. Then, wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. Be sure to take out all the bleach, or your hair will continue to brighten. Don't adjust your hair for the time being.


Dye your hair

1. Make sure your hair is dry.

Wipe it dry with a towel before starting the coloring process. You may even have to wait for an hour or two to dry most of your hair.

2. Cut off your hair again.

Divide your hair into its original parts. Tie the ends with elastic bands or hairpins to make your dying job easier. Use at least 2-3 parts, or more parts that you need to feel comfortable.

3. Put on gloves.

You can simply use ordinary rubber or latex gloves. Remember, it is very important to wear gloves when dyeing or bleaching hair.

4. Get your color ready.

Most boxed hair dyes require some measurement and mixing, so please follow the instructions to prepare dyes. Make sure to mix dyes in a well-ventilated place.

5. Brush your color.

Add the hair dye to the hair correctly according to the application instructions provided with the hair dye. If you dye your hair with the traditional gradient color (light end of hair), apply the dye to all bleached hair, and then go up a little. If you are making a reverse gradient, add color to the fading line, and then add a second heavy coating near the tip.

6. Let the color set.

Determine the time when the dye should be left in the hair according to the package instructions. Wait for the recommended time for the hair dye to set. Because your hair has been breached, you may not need to leave the dye for more than ten minutes.

7. Wash off the color of hair.

Put on gloves and rinse off the dye with warm water. Then, wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. Bleaching/dyeing hair can be very harmful, so please take the time to use a deep conditioner to help re-add some moisture to the lock.

8. blow-dry your hair and set it as usual.

As your hair is slightly fried by chemical dyes, it is best to let it air-dry and avoid using any hot tools. However, if you're like most of us, you'll want to blow-dry your hair right away to get it back to normal. Doing so also allows you to determine whether you have obtained the desired color or whether you need some modification after dyeing.

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