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Do You Know Hair Tinsel Is Back in 2022 Style?

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Last updated Dec 3, 2022

Tinsel actually made its debut in the 90s, then again in the 2010s, and now it's fully functional again in 2022.

What Is A Hair Tinsel?

Hair wire is a thin flash line that can be temporarily tied to the hair to provide shimmer and reflection. It is also called "Fairy", and it is relatively simple to install. The DIY cost is not even more than $20.

How To Finish Tying Tinsel Yourself?

Wash your hair before using any method. After all, clean hair can ensure that the wire is well fixed.

1.Separate your hair with a comb or fingers.

2. Buy a pack of hair wires that are at least twice the length of your hair. Then, take a piece of metal wire and fold it in half so that the two ends are in contact.

3. Tie a slip knot with the looped end of the wire. To form a slipknot, pinch the folded end of the wire with one hand to form a loop. Slide the thumb and forefinger of the other hand over the ring. Then, pinch the strands of the wire with your thumb and forefinger and pull back to tie the knot.

4.If you are not sure whether you have successfully tied a slip knot, please remove your finger and pull the ring apart. The ring should disappear rather than twist into a knot.

5.Pull 2 or 3 hairs through the loop, then tighten the sliding knot near the scalp. Put your thumb and forefinger through the loop of the slipknot. Use the other hand to separate 2 or 3 strands of hair near your part, and then fix the slipknot on them. Grab the hair with your fingers and pull them through the loop. Then, pull the end of the wire to tighten it near the scalp. Make sure the hair strands are pulled completely through the loop so that they don't get tangled or knotted.

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6. String the wires into a simple knot. In order to fix the wire on the hair, find both ends. Overlap the ends and pass 1 end through the loop you made. Then, pull both ends in opposite directions to fix the knot near the bottom of the scalp. Keep the knot wire in the hair for about 3 weeks. Feel free to clean, blow-dry and style your hair as usual. The wire is designed to blend into your hair without melting or breaking. If you want to leave the wire in your hair for several weeks, you can repeat it several times or tie the wire with your hair bundle.

7. When you want to remove the wire, slide the knot down your hair. The wire should be kept in the hair for at least 3 weeks. When you are ready to take out the wire, feel the wire knot close to your hair. Hold the knot and slowly slide it down your hair until it falls off.

How To Comb Your Hair When Tying It With Tinsel?

Usually, a wire is applied to the hair near the scalp. If you feel the wire moving while combing your hair, please find the bottom of the tied wire and press the knot with your finger while brushing with your other hand.

This is the best way to ensure that you don't pull out the wire. You can also brush it carefully with both hands.

Can I Use A Curling Iron With Wire On My Hair?

Yes Avoid prolonged contact with flat iron, curling iron or hair dryer. If stretched, the wire may curl.

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