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Can I Swim With A Lace Front Wig?

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Last updated Sep 22, 2023

Swimming is an exercise that can not only relieve mental stress but also help you fall asleep. Regular swimming can also improve people's resistance. Swimming is also a good choice for people who are losing weight.

And for those who need to wear a wig, do they often worry that I can swim in a wig? I can definitely answer you, absolutely. You can do everything you did before you put on your wig.

Just pay attention to the following points:

1. Preparation before swimming

Comb the wig and coat a layer of conditioner on the lace wig to ensure the smoothness of the hair. After the work is finished, it's best to use a layer of wig protectant on the hairline, head edge, and wig to avoid damage to the wig.

2. Check glue

If the wig falls off because of glue, it will bring you a lot of trouble. Therefore, in order to increase the stability of the wig, it is suggested to use wig glue, waterproof wig band, and wig band to make the wig firmly stick on the scalp and prevent the wig from falling off during swimming.

Therefore, before you start swimming, you need to check whether the glue is still firmly stuck on the wig, or whether the lace is loose and there are signs of falling off. If the confirmation is correct, you can go swimming with confidence!

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3. Wear a swimming cap

False distribution into chlorine, salt, or problematic lake water will greatly affect the quality and service life of the wig. These two substances will make the hair dry and short-tempered, and make the wig lose its original luster and softness. So it is very necessary to take a swimming cap when swimming!

How to wear a swimming cap? If it is short hair, it can be stuffed directly into the swimming cap; If our wigs are long curly hair, it is recommended to weave them into loose hemp braids; If your wig is long and straight, you can tie it into a high ponytail and stuff your hair into your swimming cap.

In a word, make sure that the swimming cap covers the whole head, including hair, and try to avoid direct contact between the wig and the pool water.

swim in a wig

4. Things to avoid

Although the glue of the wig has been checked, diving, diving, etc. should be avoided in the water. Because diving requires soaking the head underwater for a long time, it is easy to make the glue wig fall off. Similarly, the action of jumping into the water is very intense, and the pressure of jumping can easily pull the wig off the head. You don't want to feel embarrassed when you are having fun.

5. Wash your hair in time

You need to clean your wig in time after swimming. It is recommended to put the fake hair into the water at about 15°C, then mix the shampoo with water evenly and soak it in the water containing shampoo for about 5 minutes. Gently rub the wig with your hands to remove dirt from the wig, and finally rinse the wig with clean water, so that the wig is clean!

6. Care for wigs

After washing the wig, wipe it roughly with a towel, and then you can use the conditioner. Wait about 5 minutes after using the conditioner, then rinse it off with water. Next, you can wrap the wig with a big towel, squeeze out the water by squeezing, and then put the wig in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally.

You'd better avoid exposing your wig directly to the sun. Too long exposure to the sun will cause extreme dryness. You should also try to avoid using a high-power hot air dryer to blow the wig because it is easy to damage the scales in the wig. Dry wigs will lose moisture, making hair tangles worse.

7. Keep cool with wet wipes and moisturizing spray

If you start overheating after soaking in water, wipe the area around your hairline with cool wet wipes every once in a while, and then spray yourself with a facial spray containing aloe vera. Wet wipes and sprays can not only make you feel cool, but also make you smell good.

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