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8 Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls

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Last updated Oct 23, 2023

It's very fun to be creative or design weird hairstyles during the crazy hair day. Hairstyles are not limited to changes in hair color. You can use any item to complete your own hairstyle. This not only shows your childlike innocence but also stimulates your imagination.

1. Why Is Crazy Hair Day Celebrated?

Crazy Hair Day is a fun and creative event often held at schools or workplaces. Needing kids to grow their hair in the weirdest ways, it started as an annual fundraiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Federation in schools across Australia. Cystic fibrosis (CF) is the most common inherited, life-threatening disease affecting young Australians.

2. Eight Popular Crazy Hair Day Ideas

1) Rainbow Hair

Use temporary hair dye spray or colored wig, and wear a sexy black spider necklace to create a different wild look.

Rainbow Hair

2) Mohawk Madness Hair

Prepare a large can of hairspray and divide the ponytail into three parts from front to back. Select each part to apply hairspray on the hair and comb it upwards. Then blow the dryer continuously. The whole process takes 40 minutes. It is wild and exaggerated. A mohawk haircut will complete the look.

Mohawk Madness Hair

3)Crazy Braids

Use colorful rubber bands to create a complex and unconventional five-pointed star braid hairstyle.

Crazy Braids

4)Doughnut Hair

Tie your hair into a tight ponytail as high as possible on the top of your head. Use gel or gel to smooth the hair on the sides of your head. Cut a hole in a small paper plate large enough for the ponytail to fit through. Slide the mesh bun down along the base of the ponytail. Cut a piece of "icing" from some brown felt or wool. Add hot glue and press some sugar granules into the glue.

Doughnut Hair

5) Funky Accessories Hairstyle

Try wearing your daughter's hair in buns and adding unique and eye-catching accessories to the hair, such as pipe cleaners, ribbons, toy animals, or fake flowers. Curled pipe cleaners are especially useful because they add a twisted, upside-down effect.

Funky AccessoriesHairstyle

6) Unicorn Hairstyle

Making a unicorn hairstyle is very simple. Prepare a piece of stiff paper in advance, select a strand of hair on the top of your head, wrap the paper around the hair and fold it into a pointed shape, and then fix it on your daughter's head with a hairpin. Tie the rest into a high ponytail and add colored hairspray, colorful clip-in extensions, or a large bow for a fun extra touch.

Unicorn Hairstyle

7)Drink Bottle Hairstyle

A classic for crazy hair day is the soda bottle hairstyle – also known as the soda bottle hairstyle. This is because it looks great while being easy and cheap to create. All you need is an empty, clean Coca-Cola soda bottle with a slit cut into one side. Put your hair into a high ponytail, place it in the container, and move it down until the bottle is on your head.

Drink Bottle Hairstyle

8) Mermaid Hairstyle

Transform a simple French braid into a mermaid hairstyle worth going crazy. The mermaid tail can be made of braids, remember to separate the ends of the braid into two "fins" and use hairspray to help them keep their shape to create a fishtail effect. Next, slide one of her dolls (like a Barbie) into the top of the braid, hiding the legs underneath the braid section, and a mermaid-style hairstyle is complete.

Mermaid Hairstyle

Remember, on crazy hair day, creativity is key and you can do anything to your hair. Just make sure any products or accessories you use are safe and won't damage your hair. It’s a day to have fun and use your imagination!

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