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2024’s Trendiest Short Haircut-Bixie

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Last updated Dec 23, 2023

Tired of bob hairstyles, but still want to have short hair, and are worried about not having a new hairstyle? Don’t worry, bixie haircut is a hairstyle that is very suitable for you. We have collected some knowledge about bixies haircut below, please follow us to learn about this hairstyle to help you make the right decision.

1. What Is Bixie Haircut?

pixie bob bixie

Bixie haircut is a combination of pixie haircut and traditional bob haircut, usually layered, long in front and short in back, which can show the fullness of short-haired pixie while maintaining the length and versatility of bob, as it is usually It will be accompanied by bangs, which can modify the face shape to a greater extent and is an innovation of short hair.

2. How To Use Wig To Get A Bixie Haircut At Home?

Bixie cut wig (preferably human hair for a more natural look)

Wig stand or foam head

Humman hair wig




Styling products (optional) 

Prepare your hair: Before putting on your wig, make sure your natural hair is flat and set. You can use a wig cap to hold your hair in place.

1) Fixed wig:

Place the wig on a wig stand or foam head and adjust the wig so it sits comfortably on your head, completely covering the wig cap and your natural hair.

2) Hair partition:

Use bobby pins to separate the wig into sections: top, sides, and back, which can help you focus on one area at a time, securing each section with clips or hair ties.

3) Trim the back:

Start from the back. Comb hair down and cut to desired length. Use a mirror to check progress and ensure even cuts.

4) Trim the sides:

Move to both sides and repeat process. Keep in mind that bixie cuts usually have shorter sides, so cut accordingly.

5) Trim the top:

For the top, determine the desired length and cut accordingly. You can use the previously cut sections as a guide.

6) Blending and texturing:

To achieve a seamless look, blend the pieces together by texturing and layering as needed. This step adds dimension to the bixie cut.

3.Bixie Haircut Inspiration

1) Finger Wave Bixie

Finger Wave Bixie

Finger waves are an easy way to create pixie cuts and short hair for an effortless yet sophisticated style without the need for heat. Celebrity Halle Barre committed to this look when she attended the Oscars after-party, where she let some gangster tendrils fall freely around her face, neatly.

2)Balayage Bixie

Try a Balayage bixie cut with layered layers and paired with curtain fringe. This modern take on the classic curls resonates for an edgy yet stylish look. Her bixie feels chic and effortless.

3) French Lazy Bixie

For a more relaxed look, opt for the French languid bixie cut, which includes tousled and textured layers for an effortlessly chic look. If you're looking for a different hair color, try blonde. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want to make a statement, enhancing it by adding a bright color or edgy fringe.

4)Layered Bixie

A pixie bob is a hairstyle that has shape, texture, and volume in a neat little package, and layers can add dimension and movement to a bixie cut, helping your hair look thicker or feel lighter. A tip for getting a thick, chic Bixie cut is to blow-dry with a flat bobby pin or use a round brush to style your hair.

5) Classic 90s Bixie

Bixie hairstyles in the 1990s are characterized by shorter sides and back, slightly longer hair on top, and clean and tidy hair above the shoulders. This hairstyle gives people a stylish and fashionable look and has been a favorite hairstyle for women for many years. The Bixie cut suits any face shape or hair type and can enhance your facial features, making it ideal if you prefer a stylish yet easy-to-maintain hairstyle.

6) Raspberry Longer Bixie

One of the best things about the elf is its versatility. Although it is short hair, you can adjust its length according to your preference. Keeping your hair long at the end and adding a vibrant raspberry color enhances your style and creates a modern, youthful look. It beautifully frames the face and accentuates your best features. The raspberry bixie cut is easy to maintain and style, making it ideal for women looking for an edgy look. This cut has a sleek, polished look and playful style.

7) Asymmetric Bixie

Experiment with asymmetry by making one side shorter than the other. The longer part helps create luscious volume and elongates the neck, which adds movement and a unique touch to the bixie cut.

8) Undercut Bixie

undercut bixie haircut

It's a good idea to incorporate an undercut, which involves shaving the hair very short on one or both sides. Especially when it has stacked layers. The cut becomes very rich and full. So if you have fine hair, the bixie hairstyle is definitely the best option for you to add an edgy element to your bixie cut.

9) Pixie-Bob Bixie

Pixie bob hairstyles can be styled in many different ways, want something effortless and effortless? Opt for a messy bixxi hairstyle and achieve it by creating a few ruffles with your hands. This is also a great way to style curly bixie hair. To give it a sophisticated twist, define the sides of the hairstyle with a deep parting. Mix up the bixie with a bob by keeping the back and sides short and adding a little length in the front. This creates a sleek and modern pixie bob hybrid.

10) Vintage Bixie

Take inspiration from vintage styles add curls or waves to your bixie cut and pair it with some vintage clothing. This retro feel can give your hairstyle a classic and glamorous feel.

4. Who Is The Bixie Cut Best For?

Bixie hairstyles suit most face shapes and work best with straight or wavy hair textures. They can be easily customized to achieve this style. You can ask for uncomfortable layers around the crown and end up with layers that fit. The layers should be in This look is ideal for those who like the idea of ​​having a pixie but want to keep it a little longer so they have more styling options.

5.Is The Bixie Hairstyle Suitable For Thin Hair?

Whether you have thin or thick hair, bixie works wonders and will give you the impression of thick hair. However, for thin hair, you'll want to use a blowout to get more volume. If you're not ready to cut your hair super short, this is the way to go. Plus, maintenance and styling are easy.

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