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150 VS 180 Density Hair Wig

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Last updated Apr 1, 2024

When buying a wig, one of the most important things you need to consider is its density. But how to choose the right hair density is a bit difficult and annoying. Today we will talk about the difference between 150% and 180% wig density.

1. What Is Wig Density?

Hair density refers to the number of hair in a certain area, that is, the thickness of hair, which is used in lace wigs in most cases. Because some people's hair will be thinner, and some people will be fuller. To make the lace wig look more natural, different densities of hair appeared.

2. How Many Kinds Of Wig Densities?


Wig density ranges from 50% to 250%, and is divided into low density, medium density, and high density. Common wig densities are 130%, 150%, 180%, and 200%.

Because of the difference in density, the effect of the wig and the feeling of wearing it are also different. A wig with a density lower than 130% will be very light to wear. It is suitable for women with sparse hair and smaller head circumference and can help bring a more realistic appearance. The 130% wig density is closer to the density of natural human hair. If you have no additional requirements for hair volume, this is the best choice.

3. Why Are There Wigs of Different Densities?

Just like when you go to a salon, ask the stylist for a hairstyle that suits you that day. He will check your height, weight, skin color, and dress, and then recommend the most suitable one. Although lace wigs are made of other women's hair, different densities of wigs will have different effects on hair.

4. What Is A 150-Density Wig?

A 150-density wig usually indicates that there are about 150 hairs per square inch on the wig cap. It is a medium-density wig that is not particularly thick or thin. It is the first choice for people who want a natural and realistic look.

5.The Benefits of 150-Density Wig

150-density wigs are not heavy, so it’s stress-free to wear.

150% wig density makes them look natural.

Because there are 150 hairs per square meter and there are gaps between hair strands, it has good breathability and the scalp can breathe easily.

6. Is the Density Of 150% Suitable For Wigs?

150% density is considered a medium-density wig and is preferred by many as it provides a balanced look that is neither too light nor too heavy for long-term wear and provides a natural look with just the right amount of fullness.

7. What Is A 180-Density Wig?

180 and 150-density wigs are the same. They both calculate the hair contained in the wig cap per square inch, but the weight is different. The 180-density wig refers to the wig cap containing 180 grams of hair per square inch, which is higher than the 150% density. Heavy means that there are a lot of hairs per unit area of ​​180% density.

8.The Benefits of 180-Density Wig

180% density wigs are thick and voluminous, making them ideal if you like the look of having a lot of hair. Want long curls, a sophisticated updo, or a more dramatic look, this 180% volume wig can achieve.

9.Is the Density Of 180% Suitable For Wigs?

180% density wigs are favored by actors and celebrities. They can give the wearer's hair an unusually full and thick look, making them suitable for photo shoots or attending events. On the other hand, they also allow the wearer to achieve a variety of gorgeous hairstyles.

10. What's The Difference Between 150 and 180-density Wigs?




Weight And Volume

Perfect for adding bulk to your hair, it provides a complete but not overwhelming wig appearance. Wigs are very thick and may be uncomfortable to wear. They are more used by artists or women who pursue the ultimate plump shape.

Production Time

Short production time. The thicker the hair, the more complicated it is to make a wig, so the production time is longer.


The price is low. If your budget is tight, it is recommended to choose 150% wig density. 180% wig density is often slightly more expensive than 150% wig density.

11. How To Choose The Wig Density That Suits You Best?

11.1 Bearing weight

Generally speaking, people with smaller heads may bear less weight from their hair. In addition, if you are a person with a lot of work and life pressure, then wearing a low-density wig will relieve a little pressure and bring a little comfort to your life.

11.2. Density of natural hair

Most women choose wigs to create a new perfect look. According to the laws of metabolism, the older you get, the thinner your hair may be. High-density wigs will look very unrealistic if worn directly, so if you want a natural look, choose a wig density that matches your natural hair density.

11.3. Hair style requirements

If you buy a wig with straight hair, the high density will increase the fullness of the wig itself and make it look more attractive; if you buy a wig with curly hair, you may not need as high a density as long straight hair, and it will naturally show a perfect effect. Moreover, low-density wigs are suitable for high ponytail or half-up and half-down hairstyles, making them the best partner for fitness enthusiasts.

11.5.You feel

Just decide what you like best, no particular reason.

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