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13 Quick Weave Easy Bob Hairstyles For Black Girls

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Last updated Jun 21, 2024

A quick weave bob is the most popular option among many women, but at work, at school, or on a date, some emergencies can happen that push us to be in a hurry. As women, we want to present a mature but beautiful aspect to the people we see. This idea is not wrong. But how to achieve a popular and convenient hairstyle? do not worry. In this article, we’ve rounded up 13 super-quick and easy weave bob looks for black women to help you out.

What Is Quick Weave Bob Hairstyles? ​

Quick Weave Bob complete hair extensions are glued or sewn into place on your natural hair for a short, bob style. The process involves sewing the hair directly into your natural hair, or by first putting on a wig cap, gluing the extensions onto the wig cap, and then cutting the hair into the desired bob shape. The quick weave bob is a popular choice for those who want a new hairstyle but don’t want their hair to be too long.

13 Quick Weave Easy Bob Hairstyles For Black Girls

1. Smooth And Straight Quick Weave Bob

Smooth and straight Quick Weave Bob

For a classic black bob hairstyle that's chin-length or slightly longer, part your hair in the middle and style it with a straightener or hot comb for a sleek finish. This black bob hairstyle is not only convenient and fast, but also fashionable and stylish. It can highlight the facial lines and is very suitable for people who want to show a capable and mature image in the workplace.

2. Charming Wave Quick Weave Bob

Charming Wave Quick Weave Bob

For some, long bobs can be too much trouble to style. Opting for layered short bob haircuts can solve this problem while also bringing unparalleled glamor and sophistication. For wavy bob hair, use a roller comb to curl it outwards and spray a little hairspray. This hairstyle is popular because it is very elegant and easy to maintain.

3. Blonde Highlights Quick Weave Bob

Blonde Highlights Quick Weave Bob

If you want to highlight your hair but don't know what color to choose, the blonde highlight layer is a backup option. Blonde and brown are alternately highlighted, which not only adds some special color to the hair but also brings warmth to the face! Because the color is already outstanding, this wig directly adopts a straight hairstyle, showing the graceful dancing of the hair and fully helping you show off your charming look.

4.Short Bob Pixie Quick Weave

Short Bob Pixie Quick Wig

The pixie cut is an excellent choice among modern women, it is convenient, beautiful and suitable for any type of hair. Short pixie haircuts for thick hair are textured and easy to manage. If your hair is very thin, you can also choose a suitable short pixie haircut to increase the three-dimensionality and thickness of your short hair.

5. Side Part Deep Wave Quick Weave Bob

Side Part Deep Wave Quick Weave Bob

A "deep curly side parted quick weave" is a glamorous hairstyle that uses hair extensions or wigs to create deep, defined short hair, extensions glued to a protective cap, or sewn a person's natural hair. This is a low-maintenance side parted hairstyle and the best solution for those who don’t want to use hot air to create natural curls. With great hair like this, you'll always look party-ready! No matter what, your side part deep wave hair will turn heads wherever you go.

6. Ginger Orange Curly Bob With Bangs Quick Weave

Ginger Orange Curly Bob With Bangs Quick Weave

Ginger orange quick braided bob is a great option for those who want a bold and dramatic look with dye. The biggest advantage of the bob is that it is shorter in length. Although it has bangs, you only need to spray some water on it, but the whole hairstyle is still very easy to take care of. Let it dry naturally and don't be afraid of frizz, which is also part of the style. 

7. Messy Honey Blonde Bob Quick Weave

Messy Honey Blonde Bob Quick Weave

If you are pressed for time but want to tidy up your hairstyle, you can choose a fun and informal messy bob. Use your fingers to grab a few strands of hair and straighten the ends to create a slightly messy, relaxed and casual hairstyle. This hairstyle features messy, textured hair that gives it a laid-back look.

8.Top Bun Quick Weave Bob

Top Bun Quick Weave Bob

Tie the hair on the top of your head into a bun and let the bangs, sides, and back hair down, which is very convenient and comfortable. The bun is a versatile hairstyle that can be styled at any time and is suitable for office workers who don’t have time to style their hair. And if you need to attend a party, this hairstyle is also a good look with red lips. 

9. The Ear Tuck Bob Quick Hair Weave

The Ear Tuck Bob Quick Hair Weave

If you're tired of shoulder-length hair, this shorter, more playful style with hair tucked behind the ears is also a great option. Your hair should be roughly the same as your mouth, not too long. Let your hair dry naturally. The length of hair on both sides should be naturally tucked behind your ears and away from your face. This haircut is short, sexy, quick, and easy, takes the stress out of styling, and still looks chic.

10. Body Wave Quick Weave Bob

Body Wave Quick Weave Bob

This hairstyle involves braiding your natural hair into a smooth base pattern and then using a quick braiding technique to add body wave extensions to the braided base. Once the extensions are complete, use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to loosen the hair and comb it to one side to create bangs. This hairstyle is unique and versatile. You can buy hair weave with different curvatures according to different face shapes and personal preferences.

11.Colored Curly Bob Quick Weave

Colored Curly Bob Quick Weave

Colored fluffy curly hair can better bring out the slim, pixie facial features. First apply the gel to the hair and smooth the hair as much as possible. Then put the wig cap on the head and glue the wig to the cap. This hairstyle requires no special care, can be worn and go out, and is low maintenance. The mixed color of blonde and burgundy is very sunny and naughty.

12. Layer Bob Quick Weave

Layer Bob Quick Weave

Layered bobs of varying lengths can be styled in new ways to reflect your personality.This hairstyle is achieved by quickly weaving weave directly onto natural hair, but you need to pay attention to choosing hair weaves of different lengths, so as to create a layered effect on both sides of the face. Choose romantic hairstyles of varying lengths that can enhance your natural beauty or reveal a new you.

13. Headband Bob Quick Weave

Headband Bob Quick Weave

Use the headband at the hairline for a seamless effect. First braid natural hair, then braid hair extensions onto natural hair; or directly choose to wear a headband bob wig, which is achieved by first applying hairspray on the head, and then wearing a wig cap. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want a quick and easy transformation.


The quick weave bob is one of the most classic and simple hairstyles in the hair industry. I hope this article teaches you more about quick-braid bobs and how to easily find the best hairstyle for quick-braid bobs. Have a great day!

Every weave of hair you see on the market can be used to create quick weave short hair. However, calling it the best hairstyle for quick weave short hair depends on quality and comfort. JuliaHair provides 100% human wigs, which are comfortable and natural, fast shipping, affordable, and multiple payment method.

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