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10 Tips On Weave Hair For The Beginners

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Last updated Mar 22, 2023

10 Tips On Weave Hair

Human Hair Wigs and hair weaves are very popular for a long time. You might get surprised, but all those celebrities manage to look so attractive all the time and frequently change their hairstyles by using weave hair extensions.

The main benefit is that you can experiment with hairstyles more often and protect your natural hair by avoiding various products for hair volume and colors. Weaves require very low maintenance, they are excellent as protection, affordable, simple, and convenient. There are also many other reasons why you should consider starting to wear hair weaves.

Moreover, you can choose between natural and synthetic materials along with various colors, types, styles, and more. Since human hair bundles are very popular, the offer of these hair products on the market is huge. Visit julia’s hair to check some of the most popular human hair weaves, lace frontals, lace closure, and hair wigs. Moreover, we are going to introduce you to some important weave hair tips for beginners.

ombre blonde headband wigs

1. Ask for Advice from Experts

The process of getting hair bundles for your hair is much more complicated than placing a hair wig. Therefore, if you don't have any experience and you decided to extend your hair for the first time, the best solution is to visit some professional dressers to ask them for advice. Also, a professional hairstylist is capable of choosing the best hairstyle for your extensions and applying them to your hair.

2. Size of Ponytail

In many cases, women would choose to shorten their hair or make a ponytail before they attach hair extensions. However, you should learn more about this process to be sure to choose the right method and size for your ponytail. In most situations, the ponytail should be smaller and less bulgy to provide your hair with a natural appearance.

3. Proper Maintenance

One of the main benefits of hair extensions, weaves, wigs, and other similar products are that they serve as great protection for your natural hair. Styling your own hair every day requires a lot of time and effort, and it can cause damage to it as well. On the other side, you have to know that hair weaves are not permanent, and wearing them too long can also cause damage to your hair. Therefore, be sure to keep the extensions in good condition and replace them when needed.

water wave headband wigs

4. Try to Cover More of Your Natural Hair

While weaves are not good at covering your hair as wigs, they can cover most of it. However, be sure to combine weaves and hair properly by providing the same color and texture if that is possible. You can acquire that with bleaching and coloring, but you should know that bleach can cause serious damage to your hair. Therefore, the best way is to adapt weaves to your natural texture and color. The benefit of covering more of your hair is that you will have fewer issues with it. While headband wigs can blend with your own hair very naturally.

5. Choose High-Quality Hair Products

While there are many synthetic products available, you have to know that some of them are full of chemicals that can irritate your head along with many other potential issues. Therefore, the best choice is to buy natural weaves. Also, you should always choose well-known stores like Julia Hair. You can choose between many types, such as Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair, Indian hair, and more. Moreover, there are different styles available as well, like body wave, deep wave, loose wave, straight wave, curly wave, and more.

body wave lace part wigs

6. Do a Proper Research

If you never had weaves before, the best way to determine which type would suit you most is to research the internet and try to find someone with a similar style to see which type of weaves that person is using. Before you sew in hair weaves, you can consult with experts to see what you can expect. Most professionals have albums with pictures of people where you can see how they look before and after getting extensions. Maybe you can use some software about changing hairstyle first on the phone, then choose one fits you best.

7. Choose Human Hair Weave That Will Fit You Properly

Every person has a different structure of the face, head, and hair. Therefore, you shouldn't rush with your choice to get suitable weaves. Instead of that, try out different examples and find one that will improve your appearance, and that will be comfortable for you. That way, you will also become more satisfied with yourself and boost your confidence.

8. Trim Your Hair Products Properly

The main reason why you should need help from some experts when you want to install hair weave is that, in most cases, you will need to cut them to fit your style. That is a great advantage because you can customize these extensions to provide you with an improved appearance and adaptation to your head. You might need to make them thinner to suit your style and appear natural. If you manage to trim the weaves properly, no one can notice that you are wearing them at all.

body wave hair bundles

9. Try Out Different Combinations

Another advantage of wearing weaves is that you can combine various styles. For example, you don't have to stick to one type of weave. Instead of that, you can create a unique combination that includes various arrangements, like curly and straight with increased volume. Therefore, try to combine them in a way where weaves will affect you to have an outstanding appearance.

10. Take Care of Your Natural Hair

If you don't handle your weaves and extensions properly, there is a chance to damage your roots and your head. Most of these weaves require additional pins or sews that might irritate or cause some more serious problems to your skin. Therefore, be sure to include proper hygiene for the weaves and choose products only from well-known stores.


You will get more experience over time, which will provide you with the ability to take better care of your waves. Besides these tips, you should also learn how to wash your extensions without damaging them. Also, you should not use too hot air when you are drying them. Moreover, avoid scratching your head, or at least do it with gentle moves to avoid ripping some of the extensions. When it comes to sleeping, you should use some high-quality materials in your bed like silk that won't cause friction between weaves and sheets.

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