10 Romantic Hairstyles For Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Some of us may believe that it's an overly commercialized holiday. But some of us are hopeless romantics, who absolutely adore the idea of Valentine's day and everything it stands for.

valentine's day hair

When Is Valentine's Day 2023?

February 14th Saint Valentine's Day every year. Many countries in the world celebrate this day, mainly in western countries. Whether you go out with your sweetheart or play with girls, you want to dress up beautifully. Today, I will introduce 10 romantic hairstyles to add a little love to your style.

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Romantic Hair Inspiration for Valentine’s Day

Sultry curls, touchable waves, romantic braids, sexy crops and sensual updos… you have plenty of ideas to choose from regardless of your hair length and your styling skills.

♥ Valentine’s Day Hairstyles ♥

1.Braided Half-Updo

A soft, romantic look perfect using virgin hair bundles for a candlelit dinner, no? Run a curling iron through your hair, and then braid one section of your hair while twisting the other side. Fasten the braid and twist where they meet at the crown with a couple of bobby pins, and then gently pull out the braids for more volume. 

braided half updo

2.Romantic Side-Swept Waves

Side-swept waves are always considered as one of the most romantic ways to style our hair. Create a deep side part and let your human hair bundles flow down the other side of the shoulder.

Romantic Side-Swept Waves

3.Messy Textured Side Braid

Looking for something dreamy yet fun to wear on this Valentine's Day? This loose side braid can be your solution. Give it a messy finish and add texture to it by applying hairspray generously.

Messy Textured Side Braid

4.Braided Bantu Knots

If you are a fan of Bantu Knots, you can try this hairstyle to match your match on Valentine's Day, which is a lovely style.

bantu knots braided

5.Sweet Heart Bun

You can make a regular bun or braid the strands of your hair and pin it into the shape of a heart. We think they both look amazing!

sweetheart bun

6.Two Full Plait

If you’ve got a low-key but special evening in mind, opt for a more practical look that’s still a bit fun. This style will keep tresses out of the way while you prep your meal, thanks to a pretty clip. While you can use just about any braid to make this ‘do your own, we’re especially partial to the slight edge of this double braiding.

Two Full Plait

7.Fishtail Braid Ponytail

Relationships may be complicated, but your hairstyle doesn't have to be. By weaving one of the three strands first, then winding it with the other two strands, the traditional braid is woven into a ring, and finally, the braided braid is loosened.

fishtail braid ponytail

8.Micro Braided Buns

Micro-braiding first divides the hair into two parts and braids it. This process takes a long time. Once it is completed, the whole modeling is completed by simply winding the braids into two high bun.

Micro Braided Buns

9.Messy Updo

One of the most popular hairstyles for special occasions is the messy updo. Instead of a perfectly coiffed style, this one is a bit messy and a lot sexy. It's ideal for a romantic night out on Valentine's Day. This style works for shoulder-length hair that is straight, wavy or curly.

messy updo

10.Short Wavy Hair

Short hair can also look romantic and sexy if you play with various textures. We choose effortless flat iron curls. Don’t forget to fix the result with a firm-hold finishing spray, because short hair is bad at keeping its shape.

short wavy hair

Here are some super cute and easy hairstyles for Valentine's Day, perfect for most hair lengths! Let me know in the comments which hair tutorial was your favorite.

And because Valentine’s Day is a great time to add some whimsy to your look, these romantic hairstyles work with a variety of hair lengths and textures. So you should need virgin body wave hair or other virgin hairstyles.

Whether you’re planning a casual day of fun with your girlfriends, or a fancy date night with your sweetheart, one of these romantic dos will definitely rise to the occasion.

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