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10 Pictures Of Cardi B Without Make Up And Wig

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Last updated Jan 29, 2024

Cardi B, a famous American rapper, songwriter, and television personality. In 2013, Cardi B began to be active on various social platforms; in 2015, she debuted in the reality TV show "Love and Hip Hop: New York". So far, she has attended many events, large and small, looking gorgeous and beautiful. But what's her life like at home and what Cardi B look like without makeup and wigs, we've rounded it up today.

1. Cardi B At The Mall

Cardi B At The Mall

The 27-year-old wore a figure-hugging blue dress and a simple headscarf on her head as she shopped in Miami, swinging from store to store to spend nearly £4,000 on Christmas gifts to be distributed to children in need tomorrow. Without make-up, but with love, you look more charming.

2. Cardi B Talks To Fans

Cardi B Talks To Fans

Cardi B live broadcasts on Instagram. In the video, she has flawless skin without makeup, black hair, baby hair exposed at the hairline, long eyelashes and natural eyebrows, big nails painted white, and no skin added. Any touch-up color looks very clean and tidy.

3. Cardi B Outside

Cardi B Outside

The rapper was photographed while out shopping, showing off her figure in a bright blue tank top and leggings, a bright pink face mask, and her hair styled into a messy high bun with her hair sticking up. With her amazing hair volume, it can be seen that she was very casual during this simple outing.

4. Cardi B at Disney

Cardi B at Disney

In this photo, we can see that Cardi B took her daughter to Disneyland. She kept a super casual attitude when going out, wearing no makeup, Minnie ears, and a red polka dot sweater, and casually blended into the crowd. Accompanied by bodyguards, they went on a series of rides, took selfies on Dumbo, rode the carousel, and had a lot of fun. They spent the whole day trying out the facilities provided by Disneyland.

5. Cardi B Shares Hair Care Tips

Cardi B Shares Hair Care Tips

In the short Instagram video, argan oil is added to a bowl and mixed with mayonnaise, eggs, honey, castor oil and olive oil, then applied to hair. In the shot, her hair is very fluffy, a bit like a kinky curly. "When you blow-dry my hair, it looks like this, and then two days later, even if you braid it, it looks voluminous and fluffy, and her natural hair doesn't feel frizzy," Cardi said. There are curls and little coils.''

6. Cardi B Before Makeup

Cardi B Before Makeup

Cardi B showed fans how she usually wears makeup, showing off her makeup for contrast. With hydrated lips, a healthy complexion, baby hair, and a high bun, we can see that she takes care of and maintains her skin and hair very seriously.

7. White T-shirt Cardi B

 White T-shirt Cardi B

Cardi B likes to use wigs and bold makeup to change her look when attending events, but in private, she often wears no makeup and does not hide herself when interacting with fans. She wears a simple white T-shirt to embrace her natural beauty without makeup. Showcase comfort and authentic fashion.

8. Cardi B On The Streets Of New York

Cardi B On The Streets Of New York

Cardi B appeared on the streets of New York and was captured by the paparazzi. She was wearing a dark blue full-sleeved T-shirt with a black lover and no makeup. Many people called her "Catfish B". But as usual, she spent a lot on her nails, painting her big nails blue to match her outfit. The overall look was stress-free and beautiful.

9. Cardi B In The Car

Cardi B In The Car

Here's a screenshot of her chatting with her social media followers in her car. She's wearing no makeup and her hair is in braids. Her natural face looks stunning without any blemishes. She's proven time and time again that looks Don't matter in the real world.

10. Cardi B Expresses Gratitude

Cardi B Expresses Gratitude

After "I Like It" was released on June 5, 2018, Cardi B opened an Instagram video to express her gratitude to fans and talk candidly with them. In the video, she wears sky-blue clothes and big gold earrings. She keeps a clean face with excessive modifications on her face, and her long hair is let down. She looks very cute.

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